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Research Articles, Review Articles, Ph. D. theses, Conference Proceedings, Collection of Articles and Monographs in Mathematics, Physics and Life Sciences


Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli
Editor in Chief
90 Eastwinds Court
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Tel. +1-727-934 9593
Fax +1-727-934 9275

Editorial OPffice
35246 US 19 North, Suite 215
Palm Harbor, FL 34684, U.S.A.
Fax +1-727-934 9275

Inquiries can be made electronically provided that they are made jointly to

Institute for Basic Research:
Hadronic Press:

E-mails are becoming increasingly unreliable due to the excessive numbers of spam messages received every day and other reasons. In the event an e-message is not acknowledged within one week, it should be assumed as being lost or not delivered by the U.S. server.

Telephone call are discouraged because they leave no reliable record of the correct spelling of the author's name,of the paper, and of the Journal requested for submission.

Authors who care not to risk wasting their time with their inquiries via e-messages being lost among the spams, or deleted by U.S. servers or telephone call not properly recorded, are suggested to SEND THEIR INQUIRIES VIA FAX +1-727-934 9275 by specifying whether the answer is desired via fax or e-mail.

Authors are requested NOT to expect instant response for publications without charges and to allow at least one week time for the response. Hadronic Press keeps personnel to a minimum precisely to avoid publication charges. In the event authors pay the publication charges, answers to inquiries can be done within one day. Authors are therefore advised to specify in their inquiries whether their work is published with or without charges.

Works can be submitted for review to any Editor as listed in or to

Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli
Editor in Chief
Institute for Basic Research
90 Eastwinds Court
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Tel. +1-727-934 9593
Fax +1-727-934 9275

Reviewers are not paid for their work. Therefore, authors should not expect instant review of their work submitted without publication charges and should allow two-to-three months for a referee's report.

In the event a review is delayed over three months, authors are suggested to contact The Editorial Office via a FAX at +1-727-934 9275 identifying: 1) The name of the first author, 2) The title of the paper; 3) The Journal where the paper was submitted; 3) The date of the original submission; and 5) How to answer (via e-mail, mail or fax).

Authors wishing to submit their paper for rapid publications should send them to the Editor in Chief Prof. Santilli at the above address.

In regard to the time for review and publication authors should remembers that the Hadronic Journal (HJ) and the Hadronic Journal Supplement (HJS) were founded by Prof. R. M.Santilli and Prof. H. Georgi at Lyman Laboratory of Physics of Harvard University back in 1978 to provide PRIORITY OF REVIEW AND PUBLICATION FOR ORIGINAL RESEARCH BEYOND QUANTUM MECHANICS, such as Hadronic Mechanics, quantum groups and the like.

Similarly, Algebras Groups and Geometries (AGG) was founded by Prof. R. M. Santilli when at the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University to provide PRIORITY OF REVIEW AND PUBLICATION FOR ORIGINAL RESEARCH ON NEW MATHEMATICS, such as is mathematics based on isonumbers (numbers with nonsingular but otherwise arbitrary left and right units) and related isofields, isospaces, isomanifolds, etc., or on multidimensional hypergeometries, hyperalgebras, etc.

Accepted papers in mathematics and physics will indeed be published, but their review will not be conducted with priority evidently because Editors of the HJ, HJS and AGG are primarily interested in true advances.

Publications are free of charges to members of institutions subscribing to at least one of the Journals of the Hadronic Press, PROVIDED that authors deliver their work in the "camera ready" format identified in detail below, where "camera ready" means that NO addition or change or editing is due and the work is ready for print as delivered by the authors.

In the event any editing, change, composition of figures or diagrams are necessary for publication, authors will be charged $25 per page to cover the cost of technical work.

Authors from non-subscribing institutions are requested to contact the Hadronic Press for publication costs.



What to use

1A: Use Tex/Latex

1B Use Word

1C Use a software equivalent to or compatible with either Tex/Latex or Work.

What NOT to use

1D Do NOT use DVI

1E Do NOT use zipping, compression, stuffing, etc.

1F Do NOT use encoding with password

1F Do NOT use unusual Tex/Latex commands. They will likely prevent our computers to print their work or create doubts on possible garbling with consequential impossibility to print prior to their resolution.


What to do

2A Set the entire text to 5-1/4 x 7-1/2 inches (135 mm x 180 mm)

2B Set the entire text in character size 12 pica

2C Set the entire text in single spacing in between the lines

2D Set in the front page the title, authors and their affiliations, summary and necessary footnotes, e.g., for research support

2E Set the rest of the paper from the top of page 2 to the end

2F Insert all figures within the text

2G End the paper with the Bibliography


3A Do NOT send papers with character size smaller than 12 pica to avoid instant rejection. In the event we would accept such work for print, authors would be the first to complaint because of the difficult reading the small indices after printing.

3B Do NOT send paper in character size bigger than 12 pica because that is used for medical purposes and not for standard scientific publications

3C Do NOT submit papers with double spacing in between the lines because that is not used in scientific journals. Authors are suggested to go to any scientific library and check this in any physics or mathematics journal.

3D Numerous authors send their papers in perfect format except that figures and diagrams are individually set at the top of a page leaving most of the page empty. To reach a "camera ready" format for a scientific publication, pages must be completely filled up with a mixture of figures or diagrams and text, or a single figure/diagram but only when the latter is sufficiently large to justify a single page.

3E Do NOT send papers double sided (that is with printing in both sides of the paper). Hadronic Press cannot accept these submissions due to the need of copying them to reach the needed one-sided original and the resulting poor quality of the final print.

3F A number of authors use nice color paper for their submission. Printing equipment today pick up even light background colors, thus preventing printing. To be "camera ready" a paper must be solely printed in one side WHITE paper.

3G Do NOT send papers with abstract going over to the second page unless authorized by an editor.

3H Do NOT send papers with abstract containing complex formulae. They will delay considerably the publication due to the need for editorial; changes.


Due to the unreliability of e-mails, all works submitted electronically should be sent to BOTH the following e-addresses

Institute for Basic Research:
Hadronic Press:

Following the electronic submission, authors should allow for at least three weeks time to receive an acknowledgment as to whether the paper can be printed correctly.

All submissions via special courier (DHL, FedEx, etc.) or via mail requiring the SIGNATURE OF RECEPTION should be SOLELY addressed to

35246 US 19 North, Suite 215
Palm Harbor, FL 34684, U.S.A.
Tel. +1-727-934 9593

Authors who elect to ship their works to the Institute for Basic Research with a requested signature of reception risk their parcel being returned due to the absence of the Editors for lectures, or other reasons.

Most authors do not realize that the submission of "camera ready" works via courier (DHL, FedEx, etc.) or regular air mail is MUCH FASTER than the electronic submission, because the latter require the handling by expert technicians and often result in requests for format changes, thus generally requiring much more time than the few days delivery by courier or air mails.

In view of that as well as of the indicated problems with e-mails, authors who truly care not to risk wasting time for the publication of their accepted papers should use SPECIAL COURIER for the delivery of their "camera ready" work.

Electronic submission are recommended only for authors who are willing to wait and risk their e-mail being lost in the hundreds of spams arriving per day, possible incompatibility of our computers with their, delay due to the availability of technicians, additional delays for possible need of format corrections, etc.

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