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Sir Ruggero Maria Santilli
President and Professor of Physics
Biographical Notes dated March 9, 2019

Email: research(at)i-b-r(dot)org

Prof. R. M. Santilli, President,
Istituto per la Ricerca di Base
Castello Principe Pignatelli
Monteroduni, Molise, Italia
Email: research(at)i-b-r(dot)org

Prof. Pinchas Mandell President
The Institute for Basic Research
Family of Israel Foundation
El-Ram Tower Bialik St. # 74/60
Ramat-Gan Israel, 5241135
Email: info(at)familyofisrael(dot)org

Prof. A. Aringazin, President
The Institute for Basic Research
University of Astana, Kazakhstan
Email: aringazin(at)gmail(dot)com>
Initiated in 1987

Prof. A. O. E. Animalu, President
The Institute for Basic Research
University of Nsukka, Nigeria
Email: nascience(at)aol(dot)com>
Initiated in 1993

Prof. Robert Pope, President
The Institute for Basic Research
Science-Art Human Survival
Neurological Research
Castle on Hill 90 Bonnydoon Road,
Uki, NSW 2484, Australia
Email: pope(at)science-art(dot)>
Initiated in 199o

Membership in the Institute for Basic Research is admitted to qualified scholars in all quantitative sciences without any consideration of religious, political or ethnic affiliation. The Institute currently has active members in America, Europe and Asia. The Institute Statute does not allow the disclosure of their names, but their work can be identified by searching the various scientific archives under "The Institute for Basic research." For more information, please visit The R. M. Santilli Foundation and World Lecture Series

The Prescott House

From the left: The Prescott House within Harvard's Compound that was the location of the IBR-USA from 1981 to 1989;
the Castle Prince Pignatelli, Molise, Italy, that housed the IBR-Italy from 1995; and the IBR in Florida since 1989.

Prof. Santilli's interview on Einstein's determinism

Prof. Santilli's interview on the new clean hyperfusion

Analysis of Prof. Santilli's Article in Wikipedia

Negative masses violate causality

Limitations of 20th century theories

Celebrating 20 years of IsoMathematics

Ph. D. Course in IsoMathematics as a covering of 20th century mathematics

Lack of universe expansion, dark matter and dark energy

IsoGravitation for Matter and its IsoDual for AntiMatter

Historical confirmation of Prof. Santilli's detection of antimatter galaxies

Historical Confirmation of Prof. Santilli's laboratory synthesis of the Neutron from the Hydrogen

Denunciation of Brown University employee J. M. Calo for scientific gangsterism

Confirmation of NO universe expansion from the "red blood moon"

Denunciation of obscurantism at CERN on antimatter

Prof. Santilli's Interview on his discovery of antimatter galaxies

Apparent detection of antimatter galaxies via Santilli telescope with concave lenses
Letter of Prof. R. M. Santilli to Prof. P. Rowlands on the ongoing obscurantism in cosmology

Hadronic Mathematics, Mechanics and Chemistry.
Volumes I, II, III, IV and V, R. M. Santilli, International Academic Press 2008,


Prof. Santilli's Interview by the Agence de Recherche Scientifique on the ongoing obscurantism in cosmology

Prof. Santilli's faces during the Interview by the Agence de Recherche Scientifique

J. V. Kadeisvili Curriculum


Scientific Works


December 20, 2004

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18. The new iso-, geno-, and hyper-mathematics of hadronic mechanics
19. Conceptual, theoretical and experimental foundations of hadronic mechanics
20. Applications of hadronic mechanics to new clean fuels and energies

Scientific Works

21. Scientific Works

New! Visit the Division of IBR at Karaganda State University under the Directorship of Prof. A. K. Aringazin.

The IBR announces Dr. Santilli's discovery of the Hadronic Reactors™ which: recycle nonradioactive liquid wastes, produce clean, cost-competitive, combustible gases, and have an independently certified commercial efficiency bigger than one. (Trademarks and Patents Pending). Industrial descriptions of the Reactors, specifications of various models, applications, and costs, are available in the web site:


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