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Family of Israel Foundation

IBR Translational Medicine
Department Research, Development & Implementation

“Mightier than the tread of marching armies, is the power of an idea whose time has come”. Victor Hugo

Translational Medicine (TM) is the emerging field which focuses on using what is learned in pre-clinical studies to do smarter things in the clinic. Translational Medicine helps in the course of predicting, preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases. Translational Medicine also uses what can be gleaned in clinical studies to sharpen and improve what is done in pre-clinical efforts to discover new medicines and medical devices and modalities of treatment of the root cause without unwanted side effects. Translational medicine represents a paradigm shift in the biomedical research enterprise whose ultimate purpose is to improve human health via a “bench to bedside” approach.

Translational Medicine is a relatively young area of biomedicine, in which pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech companies use a patient driven approach to drug, medical device development, or new/rediscovered modalities of treatment. Translational medicine involves the transformation of laboratory findings into new ways to diagnose and treat patients. Many biotech companies are introducing Translational Medicine departments charged with the task of facilitating the transition of basic research into practical treatments and clinical trials.

To define translational research further; “It is research [that] transforms scientific discoveries arising from laboratory, clinical or population studies into new clinical tools and applications that improve human health by reducing disease incidence (preventative medicine), morbidity and mortality.” Another perspective is “Translational research fosters the multi-directional integration of basic research, patient-oriented research, and population-based research, with the long-term aim of improving the health of the public.”

Mission Statement
IBR has now opened this new department to bring together scientists, doctors, engineers, and “out of the box” thinkers who have a rich background in their respective fields and a desire to be a part of the big picture where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”! The purpose of this new department is to empower humanity to move from the old paradigm of disease maintenance, to one of true health care by leveraging many available and emerging technologies to accurately diagnose disease/s early on and to safely and effectively treat the root cause of the disease/s; unlike the current paradigm of treating only the symptoms with all the inherent collateral damage inflicted on humanity with much pain, suffering, financial loss, and mortality & morbidity being the result of a flawed healthcare system which is driven less by true science and more by profit motives. No less important and even the most important is creating a cohesive system of preventative maintenance medicine in order to maintain optimal health & vitality; physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, which will lead to much enhanced levels of human performance and achievement, and thus lead to a more fulfilling and longer productive life for the individual.

Cooperation/Collaboration Partnership
IBR-Israel will be cooperating & collaborating with the Family of Israel Foundation who’s founding members have a rich background and clinical experience in medicine, life sciences, and engineering.

Departments Members
• Prof. Pinchas Mandell (president/project manager, research scientist)
• Dr. David Michaeli M.D. PhD (surgeon, inventor, research scientist)
• Dr. Udi Cantor M.D. (medical director, surgeon, clinical trial administrator)

PLEASE NOTE: Some members wish to remain anonymous and we respect their right to privacy.