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May 9, 2015

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Ruggero Maria santilli
The Institute for Basic Research
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1. Mathematics
As it is well known, 20th century mathematics can only represent point-like particles moving in vacuum (exterior dynamical problem). This abstraction is excellent for the atomic structure and many other applications, but it is basically insufficient for the structure of hadrons, nuclei and stars. The RMS Foundation is promoting various sequential coverings of 20th century mathematics for the representation of extended, non-spherical and deformable particles moving within physical media under potential/Hamiltonian and contact/non-Hamiltonian interactions (interior dynamical problem), see the Ph. D. Course
and the general review
Caution is suggested for expressing judgments on applications where the representation of extended particles is essential without a technical knowledge of the covering mathematics for their treatment.

. 2. Gravitation
As it is also well known, organized interests on Einstein (see the editorial note below) have managed to suppress for one full century due scientific process on numerous historical claims of insufficiencies of Einstein gravitations, such as: the lack of experimental evidence on the actual curvature of space since the bending of light is entirely representable by the refraction of light in the Sun chromosphere and Newton attraction all in a flat Euclidean space; the lack of a first order source required by electromagnetism and other reasons; the lack of time invariance of numerical predictions due to the "covariance" in lieu of "invariance"; the incompatibility of Einstein gravitation with 20th century sciences, including grand unification; et al. Despite notorious obstructions by organized interest on Einstein, the RMS Foundation intends to promote this much overdue scientific process with the potential abuse of billions of dollars of taxpayers money via there the exploitation of Einstein;s name as presented, for instance, in the paper in press at a refereed journal and prior references quoted therein
The RMS Foundation has offered and offers research funds for the publication of rebuttals in refereed journals provided that they are written in a respectful scientific language and are technical in content. Arrogant, Arrogant and offensive proffering is treated accordingly (see the exchange below by Richard Anderson, particularly Dishonest Claims 1 to 9 below).

3. Cosmology
Organized interests on Einstein have also managed to impose for about one century the validity of special relativity for the large scale structure of the universe via an incredible series of conjectures, each conjecture being ventured in support of a preceding failing conjectures,m all conjectures being studiously conceived not to be verifiable on Earth so that special relativity can be imposed via a coordinated abuse of academic power.

The RMS Foundation is supporting a critical examination of the never ending chain of far reaching cosmological conjectures this protracted scenario in cosmology is truly endangers the image of American Sciences our societies as well as history, let alone implying the potential waste of billions of additional taxpayer money.

The expansion of the universe was launched in the 1940s for the specific intent of maintaining Einstein's special relativity for the large scale structure of the universe via the Doppler's interpretation of Hubble's law z = Hd = v/c, since, in the absence of such a conjecture, special relativity would be violated, e.g.,by Zwicky's hypothesis that light loses energy to cold intergalactic media with consequential alteration of galactic light during its travel to reach us.

The conjecture of the expansion of the universe was voiced despite objections by Einstein, Hubble, Hoyle, Zwicky, Fermi, de Broglie, and others because theradial character of the expansion as well as of the implied acceleration occur in all directions from Earth, thus implying a return to the Middle Ages with Earth at the center of the universe, as rather evident from the rule z = Hd = v/c and established in refereed publications without published rebuttals.

A plethora of additional conjectures were then voiced to maintain special relativity in cosmology, each conjecture being voiced in support of a preceding conjecture, including the big bang, the expansion of space itself, the dark energy, and others. However, all these conjecture have been shown to imply Earth at the center of the universe as a necessary condition to verify the rule z=- Hd = v/c. This includes the most recent Lambda CDM cosmology requiring a funnel-type geometry as the only possible representation of \ both the expansion and its acceleration. However, Earth must be at the tip of the funnel for this last conjecture, thus at the center of the universe, since galactic speeds v = Hcd must be measured from Earth.

Additionally, it has been proved also in refereed journals that all these conjectures are geometrically inconsistent because two galaxies with double distance from Earth must have a relative acceleration, while there exist an infinite number of observers in the universe for which the same two galaxies have the same distance,m\ thus having no relative acceleration.

For these and other insufficiencies, one can inspect the paper published in a refereed journal and the preceding references quoted therein

Finally, a series of experiments on Earth has confirmed Zwicky's conjecture of light losing energy to cold intergalactic media, thus allowing a numerically exact and time invariant representation of the Hubble law z = Hd without any expansion of the universe and without any need for billions of galaxies at the edge of the universe traveling faster than c, see the experimental paper and prior references quoted therein

The RMS Foundation has offered and offers funds for the publication of papers in refereed journals disproving the above views in favor of the validity of Einstein's special relativity for the large scale structure of the universe, provided that the papers are respectful and written in the proper scientific Journals. Arrogant and offensive proffering are treated in kind (see Anderson's exchange below, particularly Dishonesty Claims 10 to 19).

4. Particle physics
Organized interest in Einstein have additionally managed, also for about one century, to impose the validity of special relativity within the hyperdense medium in the interior of hadrons with the potential additional waste of billions of dollars of taxpayers money via the additional abuse of Einstein's name. As it was the case for cosmology, this aim has been achieved via conjectures that are not directly detectable, such as the conjecture that quarks are the physical constituents of hadrons, even though: 1) special relativity cannot be consistently formulated within hyperdense media; 2) quarks cannot be consistently defined in our space-time; and 3) experimental evidence on the behavior of the meanlives of unstable hadrons with speed and other evidence have established the inapplicability of special relativity within hyperdense hadrons, see the link and references q quoted therein

Additionally, quantum mechanics is inapplicable for the synthesis of the neutron from the hydrogen inside a star because the rest energy of the neutron is bigger than the sum of the rest energies of the proton and the electron, thus leaving to the use of the covering hadronic mechanics, see the links on theoretical aspects
and the link on the laboratory synthesis of the neutron

5. Nuclear Physics
Organized interests on Einstein have additionally managed also for one century to impose the validity of special relativity and relativistic quantum mechanics for the structure of nuclei, even though said theories have failed to represent consistently the data of the simplest possible nuclei, the deuteron, and the deviations from the predictions of said theories and experimental data are embarrassing for heavier nuclei. This fourth scenario has prohibited the effective search of much needed new clean nuclear energies, besides causing the possible waste of additional billions of dollars of taxpayers money.

The RMS Foundation intends to promote studies that the above insufficiencies are due to the point-like abstraction of nucleons and that their representation as extended, non-spherical and deformable charge distributions does indeed allow the first known exact representation of nuclear structures, see the introductory link
and the archives for specialized works

6. Chemistry
According to the basic axioms of quantum chemistry, two valence electrons cannot attract each other to form a valence bond since they have the same charge. Additionally, quantum chemistry predicts that all substances are ferromagnetic as a consequence of the current rather "weak" representation of valence, and has additional shortcomings.

The RMS Foundation promotes systematizing studies of these insufficiencies and their apparent resolution via the covering non-unitary hadronic chemistry solely valid within distance of valence bonds, see the general presentation
http: //
and the archives for subsequent specialized works

7. Antimatter
A general trend is that antimatter does not exist at the classical macroscopic level because Einstein special and general relativities do not predict antimatter. HYet antimatter did not exist at the time Einstein formulated his theories. Since the evidence on the existence of antimatter at the classical macroscopic level is mounting, another trends is that Einstein's special and general relativities can treat both matter and antimatter, in oblivion of the fact that such joint treatment would prohibits matter-antimatter annihilation, transparently violates the PCT theorem and has other insufficiencies. The RMS Foundations is promoting the construction of new relativities specifically conceived for the classical and operator representation of neutral or charged antimatter thanks to the new isodual mathematics (Section 1), see the general link
and the archives for subsequent specialized works

Large particle physics laboratories have truly passed all limits of suppression of scientific democracy for qualified inquiries and, nowadays, essentially constitute ghettos of organized interests on Einstein, with the fifth additional waste of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, as well as the creation of a potential scientific obscurantism that may last for centuries.

as one illustration among too many, all high energy scattering events are highly irreversible over time,m while special relativity and relativistic scattering theories are strictly reversible. It has been shown in total oblivion by CERM, FERMILAB, and other large physics laboratories that the addition of a contribution for the irreversibility of high energy scattering events invalidates virtually all "experimental claims", see the link and papers quoted therein

Enrico Fermi stated quite clearly that the conjecture of the neutrino originated from the point-like representation of then proton in the neutron synthesis from the hydrogen. In fact, recent studies have shown that the neutrino conjecture is no longer needed the moment the proton is represented as an extended and hyperdense charge distribution because Rutherford's compression of the electron inside then proton identifies a constrained orbital motion of the electron allowing the preservation of the total angular momentum without any need for the neutrino conjecture, see the paper and references quoted therein
See also the recent editorial in Physics Today, July 2015, pages 23-24 presenting a "deal" at the White House between CERN, GRAN SASSO and FERMILAB for the continued search of a totally hypothetical variety of neutrinos without any experimentally verifiable distinctions, the whole project and related large taxpayer money all intended for the unspoken aim of serving Einstein's interests currently controlling large physics laboratories.

CERN, FERMILAB and other large particle physics laboratories claim to produce "antiprotons" by hitting a target with high energy proton. However,m this process has been proved to violate the PCT theorem and have additional problematic aspects. Additionally, it is known nowadays that, following the neutron synthesis there appear to be a second synthesis, this time of the neutron and an electron, resulting in an unstable particle with the same characteristics of then portion except that its change is negative (the pseudo-proton). In the event these possibilities are real, we are facing the waste of billions of dollars of taxpayers money and an obscurantism that will indeed last for centuries, see the link and papers quoted therein

For additional serious problems at CERN, FERMILAB and other large physics laboratories, one may inspect the blog

For a general review, please inspect
I. Gandzha and J. V. Kadeisvili , New Sciences for a New Era,, Katmandu University, Nepal (2011),


A scientific institution with a minimum of accountability in the use of large public sums should submit the above issues to due scientific process, particularly in view of the fact that most of them are based on mathematica, theoretical and experimental evidence. Despite that, I have bee unable for decades to initiate such a scientific process at both large physics laboratories as well as in academia, thus leaving public denunciations as the only way to promote accountability in the use of public funds. In fact,, for decades due scientific process has been suppressed via dishonest means, such as the dubbing, propagated world wide, "Santilli is antisemitic" which dubbing, in this case, constitutes a de fact exploitation of the blood of millions of innocent Jews for unethical deeds, since we are dealing with mere disagreements on scientific issues. Besides, my family during WWII in the central Italian Apennines is on record to have saved the lives of Jews escaping the Nazis my being the cild bering foot in their hide amidst the Nazi, and I have perhaps erroneously supported numerous jewish scientists, both financially and personally (see

In face of potentially cataclysmic climactic events whose resolution can only be achieved by surpassing 20th century doctrines, fellow Americans who support via silence or withdrawal the current systematic suppression of scientific democracy via unethical means, and support the possible misuse of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, should compare themselves, and be ashamed of themselves in their comparison with ladies in the Middle East who live with a grenade in their pocket to commit suicide in the event their dignity and freedom are threatened.
Ruggero Maria Santilli

NOTE BY THE BLOG EDITOR: As indicated various times in IBR blogs, "organized interests on Einstein" include Jewish physicists generally in a leadership position, but also all other ethnic groups. For instance, according to IBR documentation, Arab physicists generally are fanatics on Einstein, while the most fanatic physicists appear to be Spanish speaking.


June 27, 2015

Our gift for the 80th birthday of Ruggero Santilli
Message sent to about 200 scientists world wide

Dear Ruggero, As you and your collaborators asked me various times to write a paper criticizing your research work in gravitation and cosmology, you should be happy to know that, together with my students Reza Katebi and Nathan Schmidt, we wrote a paper where we clarify and correct yours very elementary mistakes, flaws and misunderstandings in gravitation and cosmology. The paper, which has been submitted for publication to a serious international journal (which is not American Journal of Modern Physics where you are currently publishing your wrong results in gravitation and cosmology) is attached to this email. Kindly notice that, as I am not a scientific criminal contrary on your slandering claims through your alias "Luca Petronio", we cited the potential importance of both magnegas and intermediate nuclear synthesis in the paper. On the other hand, we have been forced to stress that your speaking nonsense in gravitation and cosmology will only have the result to generate a strong lack of credibility on your whole research work. The paper is dedicated to your 80th birthday, hoping that this will permit you to understand how the general theory of relativity and the Lambda-CDM cosmology really work and, in turn, will permit you to >withdraw your very wrong claims in gravitation and cosmology Sincerely, Christian Corda NOTE BY THE BLOG EDITOR
Corda is a never employed physics studying out of his house in Prato, Italy, and paying bills thanks to the employment of his wife Maria. In view of this situation, Prof. and Mrs. Santilli hired Corda from 2011 to early 2015. During this period, Corda received more than $75,000 over three years, plus $20,000 in sellable shares, plus the payment of all costs to attend all scientific meeting from 2011 to 2015, plus gave Corda the prestigious position of editor in chief of a Journal in regular press for 38 years, plus obtained for Corda a prize from the ICNAAM associations, plus gifts to his family.

Initially, Corda was enthusiastic for Prof. santilli discoveries to the point that he approved enthusiastically several papers by Prof. santilli and.or his associates and published several papers strongly supportive of Prof. santilli';s "New Sciences for a New Era."
In mid 2014, Corda entered into the insistent aim of the organized scientific crime, essentially those operating in Italy under order from U. S. headquarters, and initiated a series of betraying conduct while being under salary from the Santilli. In view of this, Corda was terminated for ethical misconduct, at which point he attached Mrs.Pamela Fleming, executive Secretary of the RMS Foundation and, subsequently, Mrs. Sherri Johnson executive Secretary of the IBR with language so vulgar that cannot be repeated here, but which was denounced in the post
The "paper" by Corda et al. on alleged ,is understandings by Prof. santilli is the outcome of a person of the ethical stature identified by the above facts.



Dear Colleagues,

on 06/27.15, C. Corda and the graduate students N. O. Schmidt and K. Katebi, hereon referred to as "Corda & Co." sent you an email reproduced below with the attachment
Ref. [0] Confusion in cosmology and gravitation Christian Corda, R. Katebi and N. O. Schmidt
I have shown said email and attachment to various senior scholars and their unanimous conclusions is that the attack by C. Corda & Co. of Prof. R. M. Santilli's half a century of research is arrogant, offensive, dishonest and without any scientific content whatsoever.

Therefore, I am regrettably forced to send you this rebuttal. The arrogant and offensive character of the mailing to you by Corda & Co. has been denounced by various the recipients of this list. In addition, we have received at the Santilli Foundation over ten messages from some of you that depict Corda & Co. with such language I cannot repeat here.

The systematic dishonesty by Corda & Co. is established beyond serious doubt by the following evidence


CORDA & CO.DISHONESTY 1: Corda & Co, quote a lot of blogs and other material selected for their scheme, but they do not quote Prof. Santilli's basic paper on his isogravitation

[1] R. M. Santilli "Rudiments of isogravitation for matter and its isodual for antimatter" "invited" for publication by one of two prestigious refereed journals

Corda & Co. cannot claim lack of knowledge of this paper since we offered them verbally and in writing $1,000 for its TECHNICAL review. Instead of sending us the requested review, they elected to go into a world wide rampage of attacks against Prof. Santilli with completely false claims with false support not only by quoting "blogs," instead of the above invited paper, but by quoting "blogs authors by others than Prof., Santilli," This is very dishonest.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 2: THE central problem of Einstein gravitation is the historical evidence (NOT raised by by Prof. Santilli but studied by him over half a century at the mathematical, theoretical and experimental level) establishing the COMPLETE LACK OF ANY EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER ON THE ACTUAL CURVATURE OF SPACE because the bending of star-light passing near the Sun is due to the extremely well known and INCONTROVERTIBLE REFRACTION OF LIGHT PASSING THROUGH THE SUN CHROMOSPHERE plus Newtonian attraction, all in flat Euclidean space. It has also been proved that THE ADDITION OF THE ACTUAL CURVATURE OF SPACE VIOLATES VARIOUS PHYSICAL LAWS, SUCH AS THAT ON REFRACTION and leads to numerical values of the bending of light totally away from experimental evidence.

To be minimally serious, Corda & Co. should first and above all disproved the above evidence that can only be done by showing that light passing through the Sun chromosphere has no refraction (!), which is a well known impossibility (see Figure 1 of Ref. [1]). Corda & Co. cannot deny this experimental evidence because our Foundation paid all costs for their participation at our scientific meetings of 2011-2-14 where all these issues were discussed numerous times. Hence, the intentionally elected silence by Corda & Co. not to address THE basic historical problems of Einstein gravitation is ample evidence of their dishonesty.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 3: Once serious scientists recognize the evidence on the complete Lack of experimental evidence on the actual curvature of space, ALL ATTACKS BY CORDA & CO. OF PROF. SANTILLI HISTORICAL ISOGRAVITATION BECOME PURE POLITICAL BABBLING because all their pseudo-arguments are based on the actual physical curvature of space. Hence, by carefully and intentionally avoiding the addressing of THE central lack of evidence for the curvature of space Corda & Co. have turned all their futilities into a political farce.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 4: In connection with the violation by Einstein gravitation of the Freud identity Corda & Co. quote all sort of blogs and the like but they intentionally elected not to quote THE other historical paper

[2] R. M. Santilli, "Partons and Gravitation: some Puzzling Questions," (MIT) Annals of Physics, Vol. 83, 108-157 (1974),

establishing beyond scientific doubt, because a direct consequence of electrodynamics, that Einstein was correct in his self-criticism that the r.h.s of his field equations was wrong. In the historical paper [2] of 1074 published at the prestigious MIT Annals of Physics when he was there, Prof. Santilli established THE NEED TO HAVE IN THE R.H.S OF THE FIELD EQUATIONS A SOURCE OF ENTIRELY ELECTROMAGNETIC ORIGIN EVEN FOR BODIES OF NULL CHARGE AND MAGNETIC MOMENTS. In addition, electrodynamics establishes that such SOURCE has to be of first order in the sense of accounting for the entire gravitational mass. As serious scholar can verify in the attached paper [1], the issue of the Freud identity is purely PHYSICAL, namely, it deals with the need for a SOURCE on totally and purely physical grounds. The Freud identity is mentioned only as a tangential mathematical confirmation.

The dishonesty by Corda on this issue is easily proved by the fact that, yes OK assume that the argument of the Freud identity is mathematically wrong and eliminate the Freud identity altogether, then the need for a first order source in thew r.h.s. of the Freud identity remains in its totality. In fact, Prof., santilli does not even mention the Freud identity in paper [2].

The world wide arrogant, pompous, and offensive campaign launched by Coir & Co. on tensors or pseudotensors is totally political and deprived of any scientific content. To state that an MIT and Harvard scientist does not understand these terms is very dishonest! Corda & Co. were paid for their participation to our meetings where the central PHYSICAL issue was studied in details. Their total silence on the physical profile and the lack of quotation of paper [2] is clear evidence of their dishonesty.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 5: Above all on the issue of the Freud identity, the dishonesty by Corda & Co. is established by the fact, presented in all details in Sections 5-7 of paper [1] that a SOURCE in the r.h.s. of the field equations is necessary to remove the singularities and infinities of Einstein gravitation. Corda is a self-proclaimed "expert" is astrophysics. It is very easy to prove that his papers imply that one single black hole can swallow the entire universe, trivially because the black holed mass and, therefore,m gravitational attraction, can be infinite. prof. Santilli isogravitation recovers well established experimental evidence, but avoid that black holes can reach an infinite mass. Lack of eve a mention of this historical achievement is clear evidence of dishonesty.

By intentionally derailing the addressing of these central issues and attacking instead an MIT and Harvard physicist as not knowing the difference between tensors and pseudo-science is extremely arrogant, p;pompous, offensive and dishonest by Corda & Co.

The dishonesty by Corda & Co. reaches its climax if one notes that PROF. SANTILLI DOES NOT EVEN MENTION THE MATHEMATICAL WORDS TENSORS OR PSEUDOTENSORS IN HIS HISTORICAL; ISOGRAVITATION [1] AND SOLELY SUES THE WORD "SOURCE" As in ref. [1] precisely to emphasize that tangential mathematical issues have no meaning or value whatsoever. Electrodynamics establishes the physics.; mathematics must adapt as perceived by one or another.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 6: Corda & Co. reach the climax of dishonesty when dealing with the equivalence principle. The dishonesty is proved on numerous counts. First of all, as serious scholars can verify in the attached paper [1] that Prof. Santilli's maintains fully Einstein equations in first approximation and merely reformulate them in his seminal advance known as Santilli isominkowskian geometry over isofields.

Then there are TWO ways to verify the equivalence principle that Corda & Co. knew well because we paid all costs for their participation to various meetings in which the issue was discussed at length and approved by Corda & Co. (!). The first is that the projection of Santilli isogravitation on a Riemannian space recovers the conventional theory identically. The second also well known to Corda & Co. is that ISOTOPIES MAINTAIN THE ORIGINAL EXPERIMENTAL VALUE BY CONCEPTION AND CONSTRUCTION, to such an extend that the maximal causal speed on Santilli isominkowskian space over isofield is the Conventional speed of light in vacuum.

Under these conditions., all claims by Corda & Co. that Santilli isogravitation of "violates the equivalence principle are extremely dishonest. It should be noted that, since they know well to have no serious argument disproving Santilli isogravitation, they retort to arrogance and attacks, a very well known scheme that has been used in gravitation for a century in an attempt to silence a much overdue scientific process in the field. Additionally they conduct their pompous argument of the violation of the equivalence via extremely tangential mathematical arguments on geodesic et al that have no scientific content at all for isogravitation. This is dishonesty at its highest.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 7: Corda & Co. do admit the incompatibility of Einstein gravitation with 20th century sciences, but they treat with a very arrogant, offensive and dishonest way Prof. Santilli's clearly historical achievement of 100% compatibility of Einstein's field equations with 20th century sciences IF AND ONLY IF they are reformulated o Santilli isominkowskian spaces over isofields [1].

Treating historical discoveries of this level in an arrogant, superficial and offensive language is so dishonest that must be denounced. Quite dishonest is also the lack of admission that any theory which is merely covariant cannot predict the same numerical values under the same conditions at different times, and, despite that, they attack in an arrogant and offensive way Prof. Santilli FIRST AND ONLY additional historical achievement of a gravitational theory "based" on Einstein's field equations which theory does indeed possess the universal invariance under the Poincare'-Santilli isosymmetry thus achieving indeed full compatibility with all 20th century sciences [1]. What an arrogant and offensive dishonesty!

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 8: Corda & Co. admit the failure of all grand unifications beginning with Einstein's own failed attempt, but they treat with arrogant, offensive and vulgar language the additional historical achievement by Prof. Santilli of the first and only known axiomatically consistent grand unification of electroweak and gravitational interactions INCLUDING ANTIMATTER - as necessary to have physical sense .

Above all Corda & Co. carefully abstained to quote Prof. Santilli's papers on his historical grand unification published by the proceedings of the prestigious Marcel Grossmann Meetings in gravitation (!!!), Refs. [37,38] of [1] that they carefully avoid to quote because the sole quotation of papers of such a level accept;ted by the orthodox community in gravitation is a blatant and crushing evidence of their arrogant dishonesty.

To understand the gravity of this omission, serious scholars should look at the Acknowledgment of Prof. Santilli attached paper [1] in which he thanks colleagues in Israel for having been so scientifically proper that Prof. Santilli's talk was presented by the chairman of the session due to his absence, and then they published the report despite his lack of attending the meeting in Jerusalem. What a different e between serious Jewish scientists in Israel and the behavior by Corda & Co.! What a difference!.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 9: An additional proof of the dishonesty by Corda & Co. is that they are forced by industrial evidence to admit that hadronic mechanics does indeed work for the solution of problems that cannot be even formulated, let alone solved via quantum mechanics.

But then Corda & Co. failed to quote a property of hadronic mechanics whose knowledge they cannot deny because they published papers on them (!) and we paid all your costs to attend meetings in the field, namely, that SANTILLI ISOGRAVITATION IS AN UNAVOIDABLE CONTENT OF RELATIVISTIC HADRONIC MECHANICS, as one can see, e.g., in the beautiful Dirac-Santilli-Schwartzchild isoequation and related isogammas, because the arbitrariness of the functional dependence of Santilli isounit I*(r, ...) of RHM implies the necessary existence of the Riemannian functional dependence according to the rules g(r) = T(r) m (m = Minkowski), I* = I*(r) = 1/T(r) see papers [27,38] in Ref. [1] on the advances in gravitation at the Marcel Grossmann meetings.

The remaining attacks on Santilli isogravitation by Corda & Co. are so arrogant, offensive, dissent and without any physical content not o be worth even a mention.


CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 10: In their arrogant, offensive and dishonest attacks to Prof. Santilli fifty years of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research in cosmology, Corda & Co. only quote blogs authored by others (sic!), and carefully avoid quoting scientific works published in refereed journals, such as the representative papers out of over 100 papers in the field listed in the collection

[3] Pamela Fleming Collected papers, interviews, seminars and international press releases on the lack of expansion of the universe

To understand the dishonesty by Corda & Co. one should know that the fundamental paper on the mathematical, theoretical and experimental evidence achieved on Earth for the lack of expansion of the universe is Ref. [3-3] that was published following a very strong support by C. Corda with statements such as "This paper presents Santilli's historical result over fifty years of research."The comparison of such a supporting statement with the arrogant attacks of the email below and Ref. [0] establishes that Corda & Co. are mercenaries of science, as better proven below.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 11: Corda & Co do not admit that the conjecture of trillions of galaxies moving away from Earth was launched in the 1940s to impose the validity of Einstein special relativity for the large scale structure of the universe. This political scheme was achieved via the representation of the experimentally established Hubble's law z = Hd in terms of the Doppler axiom of special relativity, z = Hd = v/c.

In the absence of such an interpretation, the sole alternative was Zwicky's law according to which light loses energy to intergalactic media, thus decreasing its frequency, in clear violation of special relativity according to which light must be immutable.

In the latter case, we have the consequential validity of the historical steady state cosmology by Hoyle strongly supported by Hubble himself as well as by Einstein Zwicky, and others.. Corda & Co. do not appear to know the steady state cosmology since they attack Prof. Santilli for not providing its reference, while they avoid listing basic scientific references in their "argument" !

CORDA & CO.T DISHONESTY 12: Corda & Co. intentionally dismiss and attack the historical reason for which Einstein, Hubble, Hoyle, Zwicky and others opposed the expansion of the universe. As well know to historians of science, this reason consists of the fact that THE RADIALLY OF THE EXPANSION WHICH IS INHERENT IN THE CONJECTURE z = Hd = v/c NECESSARILY IMPLIES EARTH AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Instead of providing a credible geometric disproof, Corda & Co. arrogantly and offensively claim that high school students see the opposite except Prof. Santilli. The ethical problem for Corda & Co. is that the historic record and geometric proof of Earth at the center of the universe have been established in numerous refereed publications in one century, while the claim by Corda & Co. to the contrary is arrogantly and offensively blasted by them without any proof whatsoever and without any quotation whatsoever of refereed publications proving their view. What a dishonesty!

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 13: Corda & Co. additionally fail to recall that the conjecture of the big bang, which was voiced in support of the conjecture of the expansion of the universe, also implies EARTH AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE as a necessary condition to verify the assumption z = Hd =- v/c. Corda & Co. additionally fail to identify - let alone disprove - the list of catastrophic inconsistencies of the conjecture of the big bang presented in all details and technically treated in the refereed papers of Ref. [3] that they know well since they supported their publications and participated to scientific meetings under our support for 2011-2014.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 14: Corda & Co. fail to quote the fact, very well known in serious scientific circles, that the criticism of Earth at the center of the universe became insistent at the end of the 20th century thus mandating some salvaging scheme.


Corda & Co.could not quote this additional historical fact because it would unmask their offensive dishonesty in the claim that high school students are better than the MIT and Harvard scientist Prof. Santilli!

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 15: Corda & Co. first dismiss the reasons for the historical rejection of the 1940s of the expansion of the universe by Einstein, Hubble, Hoyle Zwicky et al, via the conjecture of of the late 1990s of the expansion of space itself.

Then, Corda & Co. illustrate the expansion of the universe the way done for high school students, that is, via the inflation of a balloon. However, high school, students can see that [3] the inflation of a balloon would avoid Earth at the center of the universe in the event the expansion were uniform, However the expansion is NOT uniform because the speed of galaxies is proportional to the distance v = Hcd, resulting in a RADIAL ACCELERATION IN ALL DIRECTIONS FROM EARTH.

Therefore, it is clearly seen by high school students except by Corda & Co. that THE RADIAL ACCELERATION OF THE EXPANSION NECESSARILY IMPLIES EARTH AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE EVEN UNDER THE CONJECTURE OF THE EXPANSION OF SPACE ITSELF (see the numerous proof published in the refereed journals of Refs. [3]). What a dishonesty by Corda & Co.! What a dishonesty!

Additionally, Corda & Co. do not quote the proofs presented and discussed at scientific meetings from 2011 to 2014 in which they participated under our financial support, according to which THE ACCELERATION OF THE EXPANSION CANNOT BE REPRESENTED WITH AN ACCELERATING INFLATION OF A BALLOON since that would imply the same acceleration for all galaxies. High school students can easily see this since in an accelerating expansion the basic conditions of proportionality to the distance, that is, the basic condition of radially of the acceleration from Earth, cannot be verified.

Prof. Santilli has proved with brilliant mathematical and geometric theorems that the sole geometry representing z = Hd - v/c, that is, v = Hcd, is of a funnel under the condition that Earth is at the tip of the funnel, thus implying again Earth at the center of the universe.

Corda & Co. arrogantly blast the latest "LCDM model of the universe" (without indicating the meaning as "Lambda Cold Dark Matter cosmology" because that would unmask the dependence of the new hyperbolic conjecture on disproved old ones - see below). ironically, this "new cosmology" which has been instantly accepted because it allows maintaining Einstein ion cosmology - see Wikipedia - is based precisely on Santilli's funnel geometry needed to represent the radial acceleration, WITH THE EXCEPTION THAT CORDA & CO. AS WELL AS WIKIPEDIA ET AL INTENTIONALLY AVOID THE INDICATION THAT EARTH HAS TO BE AT THE TIP OF THE FUNNEL as an evident condition to represent the conjecture v - Hcd.

This is evident from the fact that the speed v in the conjecture v = Hcd is measured from Earth. Therefore, THE NEw LCDM COSMOLOGY ALSO REQUIRES EARTH AT THE CENETR OF THE UNIVERSE AS A NECESSARY CONDITION TO REPRESENT THE CONJECTURE x = Hd = v/c. The dishonesty is that Corda & Co. do not mention that necessary implication and deny clear proofs without any serious technical counterargument. Therefore, we continue to see the imposition of far fetched conjectures via sheer abuse of academic credibility, arrogant attacks and the like.

Corda & Co. cannot claim to be unaware of these proofs because we paid all costs for their participation to our scientific meetings of 2011-2015 in which these geometric proofs were discussed in all details and approved by them ! Above all the dishonesty by Corda & Co. is established beyond doubt by the fact that all statements by Prof. Santilli have been published in refereed journals and written in a very respectful scientific language, while Corda & Co. have no scientific reference for their arrogant, offensive and dishonest claims.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 16: Corda & Co. dismiss with arrogant and offensive language Prof. Santilli historical experimental verification achieved on Earth of Zwicky's law that light loses energy to intergalactic media thus without any need for the hyperbolic conjecture that trillions and trillions of galaxies are moving radially away from Earth with an ever accelerating speed.

Prof. Santilli achieved this historical verification via his systematic measurements conducted in the USA and Europe over one decade of his isoredshift, that is, redshift for light propagating within gases without any relative motion between the source, the medium and the observer (see the numerous experimental papers of Ref. p3] published in refereed journals, some of them with a strong support by Corda !!!.

In particular, Corda & Co. eye witnessed several experimental presentations showing the detection of an isoredshift of 100 (one hundred) nanometers in the transition of Sunlight from the Zenith to the horizon. Against this crushing experimental evidence, Corda & Co. claim that Santilli isoredshift could at best represent 10^{-6} nm of cosmological redshift.

The numerically exact and time invariant (because uniquely deduced from the Lorentz-Santilli isosymmetry) representation of ALL cosmological redshifts z = Hd WITHOUT any expansion of the universe then follows from the replacement of Earth's atmosphere with travels for billions of light years through the intergalactic gases. As a matter of fact, the use of Santilli isoredshift provides numerical information of the average characteristics of b intergalactic media, and Corda & Co. dismiss them with arrogant and offensive language?

The climax of the dishonesty by Corda & Co. is achieved when one considers their full acceptance of the fact that galaxies at the edge of the known universe have values z bigger than 1, with consequential speed v bigger than c!! in brutal violation of Einstein special relativity!! Consequently for the unspoken but clear political intent of salvaging special relativity in cosmology Corda & Co. and their supporters come out with yet additional, this time conjectures to salvage preceding failed conjecture! And they impose their dishonest scientific schemes by attempting to discredit qualified dissident view.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 17: Co additionally accept the additional conjecture that the universe is filled for 2/3 (!!) of the undetectable dark energy which was promoted in support of the preceding conjectures all aimed at maintaining Einstein theories in cosmology.

However, they fail to report that, despite decades of research and the abuse of vast public funds, NO REFEREED PAPER HAS SHOWN HOW ENERGY - WHICH CASES GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION ACCORDING TO EINSTEIN CAN CAUSE GRAVITATIONAL REPULSION BETWEEN GALAXIES. What a dishonesty all aimed at one central main scheme: maintain Einstein theories in the universe.

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 18: Corda & Co. accept the additional conjecture that galaxies are filled up the mysterious, invisible and undetectable dark matter. However, THEY FAIL TO INDICATE THAT THE CONJECTURE OF DARK ENERGY COMPLETELY FAILS TO REPRESENT THE DATA FOR WHICH IT WAS INTENDED, namely, the anomalous redshift of individual galactic stars referred to the redshift of the galaxy as a whole (see Ref. [3-8[).

By contrast, Prof, Santilli isoredshift and isoblueshift experimentally established on Earth provides a numerically exact and time invariant representation of all anomalous redshift of individual galactic stars or of galactic clusters. Corda & Co. attack this additional historical achievement by Prof. Santilli with arrogant, pompous, offensive and dishonest manner totally deprived of any content whatsoever. What a false science!

CORDA & CO. DISHONESTY 19: Corda & Co. are the last mercenaries in about one centuries of manipulation of human knowledge for one specific intent: maintain Einstein's theories in cosmology. Since they know that said theories have been proved with experiment on Earth not to be applicable in the large scale structure of the universe, they are solely left with their arrogant, offensive and dishonest manners to silence qualified dissident views.


To appraise the real content and motivation of the international attack against Prof. Santilli dated 06/27/15, colleagues should know that Prof. and Mrs. Santilli paid to Corda more than $75,000 over three years, plus $20,000 in sellable shares, plus the payment of all costs to attend all scientific meeting from 2011 to 2015, plus gave Corda the prestigious position of editor in chief of a Journal in regular press for 38 years, plus obtained for Corda a prize from the ICNAAM associations, plus gifts to his family.

During this period, Corda was extremely supportive of Prof. Santilli's research to the point that he wrote several supporting papers identified in the website All Corda's criticisms initiated after he was terminated in all his functions because of ethical misconduct identified in the above website.

In closing, you should be informed that we are initiating legal proceedings against all affiliations by C. Corda, N. O. Schmidt and K. Katebi for libel, insult, slander and other charges.

This is an unfortunate outcome of the silence by qualified serious scientists on the fact that cosmology simply cannot continue this century old trend of proffering new hyperbolic conjecture in support of preceding failed conjecture for the specific intent of maintaining the validity of Einstein theories in cosmology.

This never ending trend is confirmed by the recent proffering of the new far fetched LCDM cosmology, instantly supported by Wikipedia, following the preceding failed conjecture of the expansion of space itself, that followed the preceding failed conjecture of the big bang that, in turn followed the preceding failed conjecture of the expansion of the universe.

The most farfetched conjecture receive instant approval by Wikipedia and the orthodox physics community, no matter how implausible the conjecture is, under the sole political condition that the conjectures are compatible with Einstein, while opposing experimental, let alone theoretical evidence is discredited with nonscientific attacks of the type denounced in this presentation.

It is time for the orthodox scientific community to understand that the continuation of this century old failed trend is nowadays self-destructive and self-diqualofying in front of society and taxpayers as well as in front of history, as documented in the above quoted website.

It is time for the silent majority of serious physicists to speak out in support of serious science and defend scientific democracy for qualified dissident views as an essential condition for any serious advancement of scientific knowledge.

I would like to thank Prof. santilli as well as various other colleagues for invaluable assistance in the preparation and review of this message.

Richard Anderson
Acting Pro Se



(reading us in copy)

Dear Attorney Zzzzzzzzz,

We hereby request your legal assistance for requesting the termination on or before 30 (thirty) days from notification the employments and/or affiliation of Christian Corda, R. Katebi and N. O. Schmidt by their respective institutions as listed below and that, in the event of continued employment and/or affiliation after said 30 days, you file legal action s against the below listed institutions without any additional notification on grounds of libel, slander and other charges I am sure you will identify on full legal grounds.

We have mailed to you an initial retainer of $3,000 for your legal assistance, while we are at your disposal to provide you a $10,000 additional retainer at the initiation of the filing of legal actions.

Thank you for your assistance

Richard Anderson'
Acting Pro Se

1\Dipartimento di Fisica, Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Ricerca "Santa Rita", via zzzzzz 18/E, 00188 Roma, Italy

Austro-Ukrainian Institute for Science and Technology, Institut für Theoretishe Physik, Technische Universität, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10/136, A-1040, Wien, Austria

International Institute for Applicable Mathematics & Information Sciences (IIAMIS), B.M. Birla Science Centre, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 463, India

Bentham Science Publishers, P.O. Box 446, Oak Park, IL 60301-0446,USA Phone: +1-708-308-4203

The Publishers of various Journals I shall identify for you.

Department of Mathematics, Boise State University, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725, USA

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701, USA


July 1, 20156

Dr. Petronio,

please accept my congratulations for your denunciation of the biggest treason in the history of America, that perpetrated by the Jewish scientists of the Manhattan project.. I also agree that this case constitutes the biggest blunder in the history of the U. S. judicial system because these Jewish traitors were never seriously prosecuted and, consequently, ended up withy big academic jobs in which they perpetrated the conviction of being above the law of the land of their hosts.

Andrew zzzzz,
Professor of Physics
University of zzzz, USA


July 7, 2016

Mr. Petronio or whoever you are, you are shamefully antisemitic for your attack against Dr. Corda and the Jewish scientific community and you should be prosecuted for that.

David Fisher


mister fisher,

you are a very sick man because you consider your people a superior race above the laws of ordinary humans. According to your sick mentality, we can attack as strong as we want any ethnic group we want, except jews, no matter how filthy their action is, such as mister corda's dubbing a whore an American Lady just because she decreased his salary from $1,500 down to $1,000, and then stating "fuck you" to another American Lady because she terminated his salary altogether due to evident filthy conduct. All this is fine in your sick mind because done by a jew, Your sickness is so evil, because widely supported by your jewish community to force me to recall that, as well known to historians, Hitler got primary inspiration from your Torah for his orchestration of the Nazi superiority. People who forget this become Hitler's supporters.

According to 5 Gospels Pontius Pilatus washed his hands in public, a gesture symbolizing that he wanted to be kept out of the decision whether to kill Christ or to kill an ordinary thief.

The jews of the time, and not Pontius Pilatus, decided by great acclamation to kill. Christ instead of the thief. WEy (a question asked by Pilatus himself)? He had done only good to Israel. the well known answer is that Christ preached the equality of all people, against the teaching of the Torah of the superiority of the jewish people over all others,

For about 2,000 years the Vatical dubbed jews as "Deicida" meaning "the people who killed God". This dubbing was terminated IN the early 1900 because of pressures by guys in Italy who mimicked to be Italians while they were jews in their usual posture of hiding their ethnicity so that they can better exploit mankind.

In regard to legal proceedings I wouldLOVE to be attacked in court because in that case of the above dirt, and much much more on record, will emerge and be available for all

Luca Petronio


July 7, 2015


I know from a lot of time that you are a crackpot and a liar. I also know from a lot of time that you are a poor man who understand nothing of mathematics and physics and thinks that your lord, that is Mr. Santilli who is only an arrogant crank, is the Messiah of science. But I did not know that you are a lowest coward who arrives to threaten graduate students. You are really a despicable man. In any case, you should relax. There are laws neither in the USA nor in the rest of the world which can prosecute people for writing a scientific paper. You, as well as the other crackpots of the Santilli Club, are desperate because we are ridiculing you within the scientific community. If you are a real man instead of a little coward acting backward, have the courage to attack directly and only me with your real identity instead of threatening graduate students backward a false alias.

Christian Corda

NOTE BY THE BLOG EDITOR: Lawsuits are primarily aimed at all affiliations by Mr. Corda and his very cooperative wife.\. The universities of the students (who are not his students) will be sued too because they put their names in an offensive, arrogant and libelous "paper".


vJune 3, 2014 10:07:49 AM EDT

ear All those reading it:

Even though I am not in a particle physicist, I endorse the viewpoints of Pamela Fleming. Scientific misconduct is driven by capitalism and Wall Street culture. No scientist can earn grants to perform research unless he/she caters to the viewpoints of potential reviewers. Even Nobel Prizes are driven by media coverage by respective countries. Recent malfeasance by two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling is worth examining. The story parallels that of the Double Nobel winner Linus Pauling who never accepted the findings of Daniel Shechtman who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of quasicrystals, a mosaic-like chemical structure that researchers previously thought was impossible. His keynote paper was rejected, but finally published to uproar in the scientific world. With similar biases present amongst so-called leaders, it is difficult to adjudicate the real value of research to avoid humiliation to a ‘small fish in a pond,” giving breathing space for them to not only survive, but also thrive in our profession. Current procedures to assure quality and fairness seem to discourage scientific advancement, especially important innovations, because findings that conflict with current beliefs are often judged to have defects. The leadership resides with the broad readership of the journals, not with experts who are reluctant to appreciate the alternative paradigms being proposed. Somehow, the “customer” should be involved in decision making before taking big decisions of multi-billion dollar projects.

Only then science will offer spiritual powers to the mind of creative and innovative scientists. Otherwise, science will be religion dictated by unscientific mullahs holding giga grants to perform research in the name of advancement of science and technology while they cannot even advance their own spiritual powers.


Vijay K. Arora
Distinguished Visiting Professor
UTM Ambassador for Globalization
IEEE-EDS Distinguished Lecturer

Behavioral and Social Engineering keynote given at on Beh&Soc-paper is downloadable by clicking the hot link.

Mobile: +6012-739-5780
Office (landline): +607-555-7122
Home (landline): +607-553-7715

Prof. Dr. Vijay K. Arora
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), P19A, 04-01-03
Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
UTM Skudai 81310


On 7/10/15 10:58 PM, Thomas Walcher wrote:

Please stop to send me any information about your organization.


Mon, 13 Jul 2015 13:54:34 -0400

Prof. Santilli was clear in his message: you have to unsubscribe yourself in seconds because of technical and legal reasons. Why you spent instead so much more time in asking us to be your servant? To show off your support for the organized scientific crime out there and your support for the waste of your taxpayer money in scientific schemes?

YT Pamela Fleming


Mon, 13 Jul 2015 13:54:34 -0400

I was one of the unintended recipients of your message thread about Christian Corda, which I read through with fascination. I thought it was an example of the kind of hissy-fit that sometimes occur in any niche group, the niche here being physics research. But then I clicked through on the link to and was appalled to see what you have allowed to appear there, under the heading:


Tell me please what possible significance Dr. Corda’s religion could have in this dispute? At the top level of that web site, I found other headlines, many of them featuring the word “Jewish” as though that were an accusation of a crime. I wonder how you can allow any of this to appear so closely linked to your name. Doesn’t that feel sleazy to you? and if not, why not?


Tom DeMarco

--------------------------------- Mon, 13 Jul 2015 13:08:02 -0400

Dear Dr. De Marco,

You have a valid point. Ethnicity should not appear in physics. This is the position of the RMS Foundation. You can check out that Dr. Anderson's attack of Mr. Corda never ever mentions the word "Jew."

The decision to identify Corda ethnically was taken by the International Committee on Scientific Ethics which is completely outside our control. For what I know, the decision was the result of some four decades of attacks, specifically by Jewish scientists that were suffered by Prof. Santilli because of his mathematical, theoretical and experimental research "beyond Einstein"

You can see the original 1984 denunciations by Prof. Santilli of what he suffered in Cambridge under DOE support Even though Prof. Santilli identifies the actual names of the originators of misconducts without their ethnic identification, everybody knows that ALL scientists identified in that document are Jews and all misconducts are clearly intended to maintain Einstein theories for conditions immensely beyond those of the original conception and experimental verification.

You can then look at the 2008 update documenting incredible acts of scientific gangsterism Again ALL the p[perpetrators are Jews.

Then you can look at the gangsterism specifically of one Jewish scientist, Steven Weinberg

I could keep going and going with documented acts of scientific gangsterism you will never believe.]. I just want to indicate the life threats that Prof. Santilli had to suffer from fanatic Jews that was eyewitnesses and it is documented at they end of the post

To see the great picture of the serious problems that have afflicted American Science for one full century because of gangsterism by "organized interests on Einstein" with the misuse of many trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, you should "study" Prof. Santilli own denunciation and the technical papers quoted therein

Do you think that this is not enough for a public denunciation of the ethnic nature of current problems in American Science?

Never forget that Corda called me "a whore" and, after that, told Mrs. Sherry Johnson of the IBR "fuck you", following the termination of his money because of documented ethical misconducts in which he considered us "gentile" meaning "inferior" in Hebrew as I hope you know for your own dignity the testimonials in

You appear to be of Italian origin. Let me state something straight: the idea that Italians, Arabs and other ethnic groups can be criticized in any desired way, but Jews should not be criticized no matter how dirty is their conduct, that idea is a purely Nazi conception of life that has no place in the United States of America


' Pamela Fleming
acting pro se
without any consultation with Officers of the RMS Foundation and of its affiliates.

S I forgot o indicate the virulent attacks to Prof. santilli by Wikipedia editors. They are ALL Jews, see their signature Rubin, Epstein,. Goldberg, etc.


Santilli Foundation

I’m afraid your own writing makes my point all over again. Who cares that they are all Jews? What has that got to do with anything? You might as well point out that they are all left-handed.

By the way, I am an occasional wikipedia editor and I am not Jewish. There are tens of thousands of wikipedia editors. The assertion that they are all jews is just ignorant.

I notice that the message I sent to Dr. Santilli at what he asserted was his personal email was answered by you. Is it possible he doesn’t know that virulent Jew baiting is going out over the signature of his foundation? Or is he as anti-Jewish as you are?


Tue, 14 Jul 2015 08:35:00 -0400

You message confirms in full the view of Scientific Ethics. No matter what Jewish scientists do, It is fine and should be respected because they are superior to us. The moment we criticize Jews scientists (only) for clear, documented misconducts we are blamed by them and their supporters such as you. This is not democracy,. It's Nazism. In regard to the 20 years of defamation by Wikipedia of Prof. Santilli's technologies without any freedom whatsoever for corrections via the quotation of refereed papers, which defamation has been damaging technologies developed by companies traded at NASDAQ (!), we have recommended the stockholders who have suffered huge losses to sue Arthur Rubin, David Epstein and the trustees. If you honestly believe that "the free encyclopedia" reports serious science, you need medical examination. For your knowledge, Sherri Johson, the former secretary of the IBR, left when treated with "fuck you" by Corda that you so openly support while violently condemning anybody who dares to say "fuck you" to a Jewish lady in line with your Nazi conception of life because an American Lady is inferior to a Jewish lady in your view. I am the temporary secretary for the IBR as well. But why you want to know this? What;s your anti-American scientific agenda?

----------------------- On 7/14/15 2:41 PM,

If you criticize my conduct, that’s fair. If you criticize my Italian heritage, or criticize me for being Italian that makes you a bigot. The website is riddled with such bigotry. It’s simply grotesque. Your assertion that International Committee on Scientific Ethics strikes me as far too facile.


Santilli Foundation

I continue to see anti-American and anti-scientific bias in your posture. Scientific Ethics justly criticized the "scientific misconduct" of "one" Jewish physicist following strong opening statement of support for the Jewish community and you immorally turn this into antisemitism whose definition I assume you know as referring to all Jews. In your place I would feel share.

Pamela Fleming
pro se

In face of potentially cataclysmic climactic events whose resolution can only be achieved by surpassing 20th century doctrines, fellow Americans who support via silence or withdrawal the current systematic suppression of scientific democracy via unethical means, and support the possible misuse of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, should compare themselves, and be ashamed of themselves in their comparison with ladies in the Middle East who live with a grenade in their pocket to commit suicide in the event their dignity and freedom are threatened.
Ruggero Maria Santilli



7-6-15 With all due respect (nearly none),

I have been reading Santilli papers for the last many years and have found the work interestingly outside the current understanding and therefore well worth the examination. When I received the message below – although in error - I found the wording of the article extremely anti-Semitic and worse by far than any of the words used in the discussion.
dennis abramsohn

I believe you are a sick person, mister because you certainly accept attacks to other ethnic groups, such as the vicious attack by Jews in France against the Koran with such a vulgar language I cannot repeat, but you would consider equal attacks against the Torah as being sick. It;s you who is really sick in the mind and in the soul.

Luca Petronio
secretary the international committee on
scientific ethics and accountability



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