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June 1, 2014

Quantum mechanics is "faith," string theory is "fashion," and cosmic inflation is "fantasy.".
Roger Penrose


Pamela Fleming
Spokesperson, The Institute for Basic Research
35246 U. S. 19 North #215, Palm Harbor, FL 34684, U.S.A.
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addressed to

Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director-General
CERN, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
Tel. +41 22 767 12 40, E-mail:

Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing
CERN , CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
Tel. +41 22 767 12 66, E-mail:

Dr. Livio Mapelli, Head of Physics Department
CERN, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
Tel. +41 22 767 29 91, Email:

Dear Drs. Heuer, Bertolucci, and Mapelli,

I regret to denounce the ongoing obscurantism at CERN on the political handling of the test of the gravity of antimatter conducted with the alleged "anti-Hydrogen atom" based on the capture of a positron by the alleged "anti-proton." This obscurantism has been enforced for many years by the known scientific cartel on Einstein at CERN via the organized denial and suppression of serious technical evidence according to which the claimed "anti-protons" may in reality not be antiparticles but a new form of proton known as "pseudo-proton." Consequently, the ongoing obscurantism at CERN may imply the misuse of billions of dollars of taxpayer money from the U.S.A. and Europe (see Re. [1] and the Appendix of ref. [2]).

We here request the conduction at CERN of tests to establish beyond doubt the antiparticle character of the claimed "anti-protons" prior to any gravity test. We also request the conduction at CERN of Santilli comparative measurement of the gravity of electron and positrons in a 10 meter long, horizontal super-cooled and super-vacuum tube [3,4] because it has been declared to be "resolutory" by experimentalists in the field [5,6]. By comparison, the measurement of the gravity of the claimed "anti-Hydrogen atom" is known to be amenable to manipulations by the organized scientific cartel at CERN for adapting nature to Einsteinian theories (see the BBC propaganda [7]).

The ongoing politics at CERN on antimatter is well under way to become a duplicate of the scientific obscurantism on "God's particle" [8] which has been also perpetrated under complete oblivion of opposing experimental evidence on the impossibility for Einstein's special relativity and quantum mechanics to be exactly valid within the hyperdense media in the interior of hadrons and of high energy scattering regions (see Volume IV of Refs. [9]). The latter obscurantism included the political interpretation of a few events out of trillions of events as being evidence of "Higgs-type particles," then twisting this highly questionable stand as being evidence for true Higgs bosons, and then culminating with the usual manipulation of the Nobel Committee a cover up for a de facto scientific scam [10].

This open denunciation has been rendered necessary by the rejections with offensive language of any attempt to establish a minimal scientific process on antimatter at CERN. This implies the offensive trashing of proposals not only by members of our Institute from various countries, but also by independent scholars. This open denunciation has also been rendered necessary to establish a scientific record so that posterity may one day correct the obscurantism on antimatter at CERN perpetrated by the organized scientific cartel for the pursuit of self-serving interests on Einstein.

1. Matter-Antimatter annihilate into photons without any massive particles
The main criticism moved against CERN antimatter program is that, to be true antiparticles, antiprotons should solely annihilate into photons without massive particle. On the contrary, all available experimental evidence at CERN and elsewhere on the claimed "anti-protons" is that they annihilate into a shower of particles, as it is the case in the proton-antiproton annihilation of the Bose-Einstein correlation.

The theoretical evidence on the necessity for particle-antiparticle to annihilate solely into photons is known since the First International Conference on Antimatter held in Sepino, Italy, in May 1996, that was attended by physicists from CERN, FERMILAB, and other laboratories. Yet said participants have ignored this crucial evidence, and subsequently obstructed, rather than implement a serious scientific process in antimatter, thus leaving this denunciation as the only possible alternative.

[[ More recently the CERN directorate denied participation of representative physicists to the Second International Conference on Antimatter held in San Marino, Italy, for the evident intent of preventing the knowledge to experimental evidence opposing CERN beliefs.]]

In a nutshell, the Italian-American scientist R. M. Santilli (Curriculum) discovered during the 1996 Sepino Conference a map, today known as Santilli isoduality (represented with an upper "d" letter) which allows the map of any classical or operator formulation of matter into an anti-isomorphic form as needed for antimatter.

In this way, Santilli achieved the first known classical representation of neutral (as well as charged) antimatter bodies, including the first known representation of the gravity of an antimatter body thanks to Santilli isodual mathematics which, he initiated when he was at the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University in the early 1980s under DOE support. The related isodual physics verifies all known experimental data on antimatter at the classical level, as well as at the particle level where isoduality is equivalent is charge conjugation [3].

Whether at the classical or operator level, particle-antiparticle systems verify the new symmetry of isoselfduality (invariance under isoduality), which is beautifully verified by the conventional Dirac equation, thus confirming its representation of a true electron-positron system (see Ref. [3] Section 2.3).

Figure 1: Experimental evidence from CERN that the claimed "anti-protons" produced there cannot b antiparticles. In fact, the picture depicts the showers of "particles," mostly mesons, produced in the proton-"anti-proton" annihilation of the Bose-Einstein correlation. The depicted showers of :particles" violate the CPT theorem and other basic laws that are valid for true proton/anti-proton amnnihiolation.

Santilli's discovery at the 1996 Sepino Conference [11] is that electrons and positrons cannot solely annihilate into photons, as popularly believed to adapt particle physics to Feynman's diagrams

(1)         e- + e-d → γ,     e-d = e+

because such a decay violates the symmetry of isoselfduality in the l.h.s. In order to verify isoselfduality in both sides, it is necessary that electron-positron annihilation produces a conventional photons plus Santilli isodual photon [11] which is physically distinct from the conventional photon in a variety of experimentally verifiable ways [3]

(2)         e- + e-d → γ + γd.

It then follows that the current experimental evidence on the claimed "annihilation" of protons with the claimed "anti-protons" at CERN (denoted "p-bar-"), as available rom the Bose-Einstein correlation and other experiments

(3)         p+ + "p-bar-" → particle showers

violates Santilli isoselfduality as well as the CPT theorem (when written without ad hoc manipulations), thus casting serious doubts as to whether the claimed "anti-protons" are true antiparticles. Since the current grid of the organized scientific cartel on Einstein does not permit scientific democracy for qualified inquiries, public denunciation is the only possible as well as appropriate expression.

2. Confirmation by the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia
As well known to CERN physicists, the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia knocked down trees over one hundred thousand acres by leaving no crater or solid residue in the ground, which occurrence can be explained via an ice comet.

However, the explosion excited the entire Earth atmosphere to such an extent that days later people in Sidney, Australia could read the newspaper at midnight without artificial light. This latter aspect can be solely explained as being due to an antimatter asteroid annihilating in our upper atmosphere into high energy photons.

In the event the annihilation responsible for the Tunguska explosion had released showers of particles, the trees in the ground would have been carbonized, since the explosion had an energy equivalent of one thousand Hiroshima atomic bombs.

Figure 2: Confirmatory evidence from the devastation of the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia that the claimed "anti-protons" at CERN cannot be true antiparticles. The picture shows evidence that the matter-antimatter annihilation of the Tunguska explosion solely produced an explosion, that knocked down all threes, and intense light that excited the entire Earth atmosphere for days. In the event the matter-antimatter annihilation had produced massive particles, all threes in the ground would have been carbonized due to the enormous amount of energy released buy the explosion.

Therefore, when analyzed within a serious scientific environment outside the organized scientific crime on Einstein, the Tunguska explosion confirms Santilli isoselfduality and, therefore, provides serious evidence that the claimed "anti-protons" at CERN are not antiparticles.

3. Obscurantism in antigravity
It is generally believed these days that "antigravity violates Einstein general relativity." The ongoing obscurantism at CERN in antimatter can be first seen from a rather general perception that the above belief is the origin of the selection at CERN of an extremely complex test of gravity so that its results could be manipulated to achieve a pre-determined compatibility with Einstein, while much more resolutory tests, such as Santilli's gravity test [3.4], are dismissed without technical arguments.

The ongoing obscurantism is deepened by the fact that the violation of general relativity by the possible detection of antigravity is claimed without any serious technical argument, thus revealing its true political character. As a first example, the violation of general relativity is claimed on grounds of the CPT theorem.

However, as well known †to CERN physicists but apparently not spoken, the rigorous application of the CPT theorem requires the use of a "flat" spacetime with "linear" operators on a Hilbert space. The claim of applicability of the CPT theorem to a theory, such as general relativity, which is a purely "classical," highly "nonlinear" and based on a "curved" space, can only be dubbed as preposterous.

Additionally, general relativity is a "noncanonical" theory which means that its hypothetical operator image must be nonunitary for consistency and experts in antimatter are expected to know that conventionally formulated nonunitary theories violate causality (not hadronic mechanics thanks to the new isomathematics).

Another argument against antigravity is that it violates the equivalence principle of general relativity, again, without any technical foundation whatsoever. General relativity was conceived decades before the discovery of antimatter and, as such, said theory has no mean whatsoever for the conjugation of the gravitational field from a matter-body to that of an antimatter-body that is generally assumed as neutral (remember Einstein equations G_{\mu\nu} = 0 and not to a an elm source!). Believing that the equivalence principle also applies to antimatter (as a condition to include antigravity), literally implies the total absence of any conjugation from matter to antimatter. Shall we keep going to unmask additional dark pages of science at CERN?

Santilli has achieved the first known rigorous, geometrical and physical representation of the gravitational field of of neutral or charged antimatter-bodies [3] thanks to his isodual map. Santilli isodual gravitation includes its own equivalence principle as a anti-isomorphic image of the conventional one. Not only there is no conflict between the two principles, but both are necessary for consistency.

Santilli isodual physics predicts indeed a negative curvature tensor (antigravity) between matter and antimatter at all levels of study, from the Newton-Santilli isodual equations for neutral or charged antiparticles (the first in recorded history), to the Riemann-Santilli isodual geometry. Antigravity emerges quite forcefully in the projection of the isodual world into our world or vice versa without any fanciful violation of any theory for matter.

4. Santilli's recollections
Besides assistance for the technical content of this blog, Santilli has released the following statement: Emilio Segre' was a true gentleman, besides being a great physicist. I had the pleasure of meeting Emilio during scientific conferences and exchanging a few letters with him when I was at MIT in the mid 1970s.

Since I have been interested in antimatter since my graduate studies in the 1960s, in the respectful but provocative style used by Italian to Italians, I wrote Emilio asking to clarify that in his studies of antiprotons he tacitly assumed Einstein general relativity with the consequential assumption of the lack of existence of antimatter galaxies and, supernova explosions.

The point I asked him to clarify was that, in view of the above assumptions, Emilio was forced to assume that antimatter cosmic rays did not exist and, consequently, the antiprotons detected in our upper atmosphere had to be locally created via the collision of protons from cosmic rays with nuclei A of our upper atmosphere, resulting in the reaction (which is still at the foundation of current production of antiprotons)

(4)         p+ + A → p+ + p-bar- + p+ + A

In his nice and technically correct style, Emilio answered: "Ruggero, Einstein general relativity is the only solid description of gravitation we have today and, as such, we have to adopt it."

After a few years, I contacted Emilio again asking him critical comments on the fact that I had problems with reaction (4), since the reaction I could derive was of the type

(5)         p+ + A → p+ + p-bar- + particle showers

in which case I had a number of problems, such as the impossibility of treating antiprotons with Dirac's equations, the apparent violation of the CPT theorem, and others. Emilio did not answer my last letter and, for respect, I did not disturb him again. I learned later that Emilio died not so much after my last letter. What a loss for Italy, America and science! Had Emilio be still alive today, he would have used his integrity, authority and commitment to science, and all current shadows in antimatter would be resolved. Ruggero Maria Santilli

We know today that reaction (4) is manipulated to verify aprioristic assumptions, while reaction (5) is the physical one although with a different interpretation of the p-bar indicated below to avoid the violation of basic physical laws and symmetries. In any case, antimatter cosmic rays are routinely detected by astronauts and cosmonauts via flashes in the dark side of our upper atmosphere. These flashes are known to be impossible for conventional cosmic rays. Also, the origin of "antiprotons" via reaction (4) is disproved by statistical calculations on the frequency of said flashes and the very small cross section of cosmic protons with nuclei of our upper atmosphere.

Current evidence outside Einstein interests is that antimatter cosmic rays do indeed exist, although they annihilate into light at the instant of contact with our upper atmosphere [2]. This is the scientific evidence today. Other views are conjectures.

5. Pseudo-protons or anti-protons ?
As it is well known, stars initiate their lives as being an aggregate of hydrogen atoms and first synthesize the neutron according to the known reaction

(6)         p + + e- → n + ?

The energies used at CERN for the production of the claimed "anti-protons" are fully sufficient for syntheses (4) due to the fact that the claimed "anti-protons" are produced by collisions of high energy protons on a target, thus implying first the collision of protons with peripheral electron orbitals of the target.

The question mark "?" in reaction (5) is due to the fact that, when the proton is abstracted to be point-like, as necessary for quantum mechanics at the time of Pauli and Fermi, the addition of the hypothetical neutrino is necessary for the conservation of the angular momentum, as well known.

Figure 3: Picture of the alleged "anti-Hydrogen atoms" produced at CERN. The dots indicate their annihilations in the confinement matter-wall. This picture confirms that the peripheral particle, the positron, is indeed an antiparticle which must annihilate when hitting matter. However, the picture appears to confirm that the nucleus is a "pseudo-proton" rather than a true "anti-proton" because in the latter case there should be huge flashes of light generated from about 4 MeV in proton-antiproton annihilation, while the picture essentially shows none.

But physical knowledge advances, you know. Nowadays, the proton is invariantly represented by hadronic mechanics the way it is in reality, an extended, non-spherical and deformable charge distribution, in which case the addition of the hypothetical neutrino violates the conservation of the angular momentum due to an new angular contribution not existing during Pauli and Fermi times (Vol. IV, Refs. [9]).

The important point for antimatter is that reaction (4) implies the subsequent step, that of the production ofSantilli pseudo -protons (here denoted with an asterisk) [1,2]

(7)         p+ + e- + e- → p*-

Calculations have shown that Santilli "pseudo-proton" has: the same mean-life of the neutron (about 15 minutes); a mass close to that of the proton due to the large value of the Coulomb binding energy in reaction (5); spin 1/2; and negative charge, thus "appearing" to be an anti-proton while it is not.

In conclusions, direct arguments based on the synthesis of the neutron from the Hydrogen atom inside stars imply that reactions of type (4) or (5) do not necessarily produce "anti-protons, but produce a matter-particles with the appearance of the anti-proton. This conclusion is confirmed by the violation of various physical laws and symmetries by particle reactions intended for the production of real anti-protons, when written without ad hoc adulterations to verify preferred pre-assigned Einsteinian doctrines, as it is the case for reaction (5).

To set the difference between the serious science at our Institute, which is dubitative, and the political science at CERN, which is imperative, we do not claim that the "anti-protons" produced at CERN are necessarily Santilli "pseudo-protons." We do not even know whether some of the "anti-protons" at CERN are true antiparticles and some are "pseudo-protons." We only request that the issue be subjected to serious scientific process and resolved experimentally at CERN, rather than elsewhere.

6. Request for the termination of the CERN employee Gabriele Veneziano
In his capacity as Director of the Theoretical Division at CERN, John Ellis kindly invited R. M. Santilli during a meeting at SLAC in 1990 to visit CERN and present the foundations of hadronic mechanics for both matter and antimatter. Ellis was particularly interested in a presentation of the time-irreversible Lie-admissible branch of hadronic mechanics (in which Ellis had published various papers), due to the strict reversibility over time of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics [9]. Ellis was also interested in Santilli reporting on the ongoing construction of the scattering theory of hadronic mechanics the underlying Hilbert-Myung-Santilli iso- and geno-spaces (for reversible and irreversible processes, respectively) eliminate all divergencies of quantum mechanics, as discussed by Santilli with Paul Dirac in Florida just prior to his death, and as subsequently worked out in rigorous grounds [12]

Santilli did visit CERN in 1991and presented a litany of experimental evidence on the inapplicability and certainly not violation) of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics within hyperdense media, such as those in the interior of hadrons and of high energy scattering regions (Vol. IV of Refs. [9]), such as:

1. Special relativity cannot be even formulated within physical media due to: the notorious lack of inertial reference frames and other reasons; the locally varying character of the speed of light C = c/n; the impossibility of reducing to photons radio waves with one meter wavelength and a host of additional reasons. Quarks are purely mathematical quantities useful for the elaboration of the (excellent) "Mendeleev-type classification" of particles by the standard model, but their assumption as physical constituents of hadrons is a political scheme to maintain Einstein theories where they do not belong. Even assuming that the hypothetical quarks exist as physical particles despite the known impossibility of defining them in our spacetime, even assuming that the hypothetical quarks have a serious confinement against the uncertainty principle, and even assuming that the hypothetical quarks have a point-like charge (as politically crucial to maintain Einstein), Santilli has stated repeatedly in thirty years of works that "There exist no point-like wavepackets in nature" [8]. Therefore, hadrons and scattering regions are constituted by a hyperdense medium composed by the total mutual overlapping of the wavepackets of their constituents, with ensuing nonlinear, nonlocal and non-Hamiltonian effects under which the assumption of special relativity and quantum mechanics is pure 'faith" as stated by Roger Penrose. Additionally, high energy scatterings are highly irreversible over time while special relativity and quantum mechanics are strictly reversible. Therefore, any claim of their exact validity in high energy collisions beyond the process of acceleration is nonscientific (see refs. [12] and Vol. I of refs. [9]).

2. The above inapplicability's of special relativity and quantum mechanics are confirmed by all available direct experimental evidence when examined without ad hoc manipulations. As an example, the 1983 experiment by Aronson et al [13] established the inapplicability of special relativity in the behavior of the mean-life of K-zero mesons with speed from 30 to 100 Gev. The counter-experiment by Grossman et al [14] claimed indeed validity of special relativity, but only from 100 to 400 Gev. As a result, special relativity - and consequently relativistic quantum mechanics - remains invalid from 30 to 100 GeV in all serious scientific circles [[ for which reason, when at Harvard University in the early 1980s, Santilli used to write a "yearly letter" to the directors of various laboratories, including CERN, with the request to finalize this experiment, by receiving in return attacks in return, such as the claim by Leon Lederman - then director of FERMILAB - to Senator Billirakis that "Santilli does not understand particle physics" ]]. In any case, Cardone et al [115,16] (in press at the time Santilli's visited CERN) confirmed the inapplicability of special relativity for the interior of the K-zero mesons despite the allegations by Grossman et al. Arestov et al. [17] provided comprehensive evidence on the inapplicability of special relativity for the hyperdense media inside hadrons and scattering regions at large. Santilli (Vol. IV, Refs. [9]) showed that the claimed validity by Grossman et al. [14] was basically flawed because all data elaborations were based on the prior assumption of special relativity, and the final numerical values were crucially dependent on a plethora of form factors, truncated series, parameters etc. such that the slightest change of one of them would imply violation, thus confirming the widespread view that counter-experiment [15] was commissioned and published by the organized cartel on Einstein under the coordination by Leon Lederman. Additionally, the plot of the experimental data on the Bose-Einstein correlations requires "four" parameters, as well know to CERN physicists, but a Hermitean two point functions can only provide two parameter at best. Hence, the two additional parameters are clear evidence that special relativity and quantum mechanics are not exactly valid for the Bose-Einstein correlation in favor of the exact validity of the covering hadronic mechanics where the four parameters are the diagonal element of the basic isounit providing a numerical representation of the fireball. The list could go on and on and on (Vol. IV, refs. [9]).

3. In 1991, Santilli (page 250 of ref. [16]) had predicted the nowadays well known IsoRedShift (IsoBlueShift) characterized by light losing energy (acquiring energy) while propagating within a cold (hot) medium. Santilli went to CERN also hoping to stimulate an experimental verification or denial. But Santilli IRS-IBS constitute a clear violation of Einstein special relativity within physical media and, consequently, there was no way to have such an experiment considered at CERN or elsewhere. Following ten years of ignorance by the physics community, Santilli conducted comprehensive experiments [9-23] himself at the laboratory of our Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and provided comprehensive experimental verifications of the IRS-IIBS not only for laser light propagating in air, but also for Sunlight at Sunset and Sunrise that showed 100 nm of redshift for the entire spectrum of the visible light in the transition from the Zenith to the horizon according to measurements conducted in the USA and Europe by various independent scientists. If special relativity is clearly inapplicable for a physical medium as thin a our atmosphere, any claim of certain validity for the hyperdense media in the interior of hadrons and scattering region scientific blasphemy, in my view.

As John Ellis is expected to testify for science's sake, despite a presentation in the most appropriate possible scientific language without hints at politics, Santilli's 1991 talks at CERN were strongly opposed by CERN employee Gabriele Veneziano, an internationally known fanatic on Einstein. In this way, the exact validity of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics for the interior of hadrons and of the scattering region was maintained at CERN up to the recent scam on the Higgs boson [8,10] because, once special relativity and quantum mechanics are inapplicable, any claim that the Higgs boson exists as a physical particle is a vulgar blasphemy.

The employee Veneziano and his cartel perpetrated additional acts of scientific crime with complete impunity to this day, except a condemnation in history. In addition to CERN, Santilli had been invited in 1990 by various universities in Italy, Germany and Greece to deliver the same presentation, namely, the litany of experimental evidence on the lack of exact character of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics within the hyperdense media in the interior of hadrons and of high energy scattering regions. The employee Veneziano contacted members of his cartel at each of the universities where Santilli was supposed to deliver his invited talk and managed to have his talks cancelled, even when the tickets for his travel had been purchased by the universities themselves!

Only the director of the Democritus Institute in Athens, Greece, rejected Veneziano request, and did allow Santilli to make his scientific presentation. In particular, the Director called Veneziano and told him in the presence of Santilli and a large audience "Mister Veneziano, Greece is the land where democracy initiated and, therefore, Prof. Santilli is indeed allowed to deliver his talks on the limitations of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics.

Following the above organized scientific misconduct by the CERN employee G. Veneziano and the members of his cartel who obeyed his sinister request, the Committee on Scientific Ethics hired an Investigative Agency whose report provided evidence that Mr. Veneziano acted in coordination with the employees of Harvard University Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow and Sidney Coleman who had such an unethical audacity to oppose in the early 1980s the will of the Government of the United States of America by publicly discrediting Santilli's research under DOE contract in the limitations of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics. These investigations provided proof beyond credible doubt of the existence of an international cartel on Einstein solely intent to exploit society for their self-interests via the abuse of the credibility of abusively obtained academic positions under the misuse of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. This denunciation is mandated by the fact that, rather than subsiding and avoiding the suppression of scientific democracy in the U.S.A., the organized international cartel on Einstein has increased the misconducts through the decades with total impunity guaranteed by accomplices and servants (see the 1984 Documentation that includes Ethical Probe of Einstein Followers in the USA: An Insider's view; its three volumes of documentation; and the supporting editorial by The Harvard Crimson dubbing these unethical conducts The Politics of Science; see also 2007 denunciation Update and Denunciation of the Gangsterism by the physicist Steven Weinberg).

7. Our Requests:

I: We request first and above all the implementation of due scientific process at CERN on Santilli's comparative measurements of the gravity of electrons and positrons [3.4] by inviting for a presentation at CERN the leading experimentalist in the field, Prof. Victor de Haan, and the leading theoretician in the field, Prof. Ruggero M. Santilli. Following these technical presentations, we request CERN to conduct Santilli gravity test prior to the test on alleged "anti-Hydrogen atoms," because the former resolutory, while the latter is prone to not unusual manipulations by the organized cartel on Einstein intent in adapting nature to preferred theories.

II: We request that, as a condition for serious ethics and accountability in the use of large public funds, the issue whether the claimed "anti-protons" are truly antiparticles or only "pseudo-protons" be resolved with a serious scientific process in the dismissal of opposing evidence in refereed journals, rather than the dishonest disqualifications in CERN corridors, culminating in experimental resolution beyond doubt prior to any test of the gravity of the alleged "anti-Hydrogen atom."

III. We request that, as a condition for CERN to regain the lost credibility, prove lack of dependence from the organized cartel of self-interests on Einstein, and for evident need of ethics and accountability in the use of large public funds, that you terminate any and all direct or indirect affiliation of Gabriele Veneziano at CERN and prevent him from any additional visit at CERN. It is also your duty to review and investigate the actions of Veneziano and his affiliates in light of the personal financial and other advantages that they all have derived from the suppression of the litany of evidence on the impossibility for Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics to be valid inside hadrons and scattering regions (Vol. IV of Refs. [9]) and warns the members of Veneziano's cartel remaining in the employment of CERN to abstain from abusing CERN's credibility for any additional suppression of scientific process for their self-interest without any sense of dignity or shame.

Technical questions should be addressed to Prof. R.M. Santilli at the email by clarifying whether they are confidential contact or for uploading in this blog. Contributions to this blog should be submitted to the email, attention of Luca Petronio, the Editor of the blog who acts following Wikipedia rules. Serious scientists can be certain of utmost respect. Crooks expecting decent treatments need medical examination.

Pamela Fleming
The Institute for Basic Research


[1] R. M. Santilli, "Anti-protons or pseudo-protons?" IBR preprint TH-14-339, in press at a refereed journal that cannot be disclosed to prevent the usual interference by the ongoing organized scientific crime.

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The politics at CERN on alleged "antiprotons."

I am glad to upload the following exchange on the impossibility for the alleged 'anti[protons" at CERN to be true antiparticles.

Luca Petronio
Editor according to Wikipedia rules.

June 2, 2014

Dear Prof. Santilli,

Compliments for your courageous call for due scientific process at CERN. It was much overdue. Please elaborate the reason you believe that the annihilation of protons and antiprotons into a showers of particles implies that the antiproton is not a true antiparticle. Do you have perhaps doubts on the applicability of Feynman's diagrams?

Thanks for any comment. Please upload this request in the "Veneziano Blog" but please withheld my name according to "Wikipedia rules." Best wishes

Prof. Zzzz Wwww


Dear Prof. Zzzz Wwww,

I sincerely appreciated your question. It means you are real scientist. Allow me first to set the difference between my views and those of colleagues at CERN and their friends elsewhere.

I have no final evidence to claim that the "antiprotons" produced at CERN are not antiparticles. I only express technical doubts that should be addressed and confirmed or disproved, specifically, at CERN due to the large use of public funds there (see even the title of Ref. [1] below).

By contrast, colleagues at CERN and their friends around the world firmly claim that they produce antiprotons as real antiparticles. I do not believe this is a correct scientific posture for numerous reasons.

I. Violation of the CPT theorem.
The simplest comment in answer to your important question is that the reaction you refer to

(8)     p+ + p-bar- → shower of "particles"

(where "particles" means massless and massive particles) violates the CPT theorem in the r.h.s. But then, to salvage quantum mechanics for point particles (that I adopt fully), it is necessary that the CPT theorem is also violated in the l.h.s and this uniquely implies that p-bar^- is not a true antiparticle, thus suggesting that the claimed "antiproton" is in reality a pseudo-proton"

(9)     p+ + p*- → shower of "particles"

in which case quantum mechanics is evidently salvaged because the CPT theorem would merely imply the conjugated reaction

(10)     p-bar+ + p-bar*- → shower of "particles"

Admittedly, it is conceivable that reaction (8) is in reality

(9)    p++ p-bar- → shower of "particles" + shower of corresponding "antiparticles"

in which case the CPT theorem is indeed salvaged. However, I believe that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve "experimental" evidence that in reaction (8) each particle is produced jointly with the corresponding antiparticle. After all, we are still in terra incognita for the photon and its isodual, then imagine our ignorance for other particles ........

II. Lack of production of positrons from electrons
The only certain antiparticles, the positrons, cannot apparently be produced via a high energy electron beam hitting a matter target

(11)     e- → e+ + shower of particles.

In fact, positrons are produced by a high energy laser hitting a thin matter target

(12)     laser + matter-target → particles + antiparticles

The evident argument is then the following: Since positrons cannot be apparently produced via high energy electrons hitting a matter-target, how can true antiprotons be possibly produced by high energy protons hitting a matter-target?

Figure 4: A sectional view of conventional Catholic ray tubes that have been produced for civilian, industrial and military uses up to very large energies of the electron ray hitting the matter-screen, apparently, without any reported production of positrons. In the event confirmed, this would be direct evidence that protons hitting a matter-target cannot produce antiprotons.

Admittedly, Carl D. Anderson discovered the positrons via the use of high energy matter cosmic rays hitting matter. However, recent studies have indicated that, apparently, the positrons were generated by high energy photons created in the collision of matter cosmic rays with matter, and not by the latter per se.

The argument supporting the above view is the following. As reviewed clearly by Pamela Fleming in the main report above, particles and true antiparticles appear to solely annihilate into light,

(13)     particles + antiparticles → light

Consequently, the isodual theory of antimatter predicts that antiparticles can be solely produced by the inverse reaction, namely, by light

(14)     light → particles + antiparticles

Alternatively, it is easy to prove that, in the event antiprotons can be produced by protons hitting a matter-target, particle and antiparticles annihilate into a shower of particles with consequential violation of the CPT theorem as well as contrary to the evidence of the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia (Figure 2).

III. Inapplicability of Feynman's diagram for particle-antiparticle annihilation and creation
All theoretical arguments at CERN on the production of true antiprotons are notoriously based on Feynman's diagrams. However, the latter are inapplicable to particle-antiparticle annihilations for several reasons published in refereed journals and outlined below. Under this occurrence, the applicability of Feynman;s diagrams for the inverse reaction, the prediction of particle-antiparticles, is questionable.

Consider the electron-positron annihilation. Not according to the great Feynman, but according to his followers, the annihilation is mediated to first order by an electron (Figure 5)

(15)     e- + e+ → e- → 2γ

Sorry, but this is a sole personal belief by my colleagues at CERN because the above mediation violates basic physical laws for both particles and antiparticles. At this point it is just sufficient to indicate the CTP violation for the first order intermediate state, violation that clearly persists for higher order exchanges.

Then, how about the exchange of an positron? Same conclusion. How about a double exchange of an electron and a positron? Sorry, at that point the manipulations to maintain old knowledge are too big for me to digest and I agree with Roger Penrose that quantum mechanic becomes "faith."

Figure 5: A view of the electron-positron annihilation according to Feynman's diagrams (l.h.s) and the same annihilation as predicted by Santilli's isodual theories (r.h.s). Note the verification for the latter of all isodual laws. Note also the violation of the CPT theorem and of isoselfduality for Feynman's diagrams due to the exchange of a particle. Note finally the inapplicability of Feynman's diagrams because annihilation initiates at the actual physical contact of the wavepackets of particles and antiparticles thus preventing the very notion of interaction caused by particle exchanges

The occurrence has very deep implications because it prohibits the notion of interactions via particle exchanges when dealing with particle-antiparticle annihilation and creation. In fact, annihilation initiates at the very "contact" of the wavepackets of particles and antiparticles. Quite honestly, under these conditions I see no possibility whatsoever for any realistic exchange of any particle or antiparticle (see Refs. [12] of the main post and the reference below).

As it clearly emerged from my exchange with Emilio Segre' in the mid 1970s when I was at MIT (reported by Pamela Fleming above), we should never forget that the production of antiprotons via protons hitting a matter-target was the outcome of the specific intent to extend the applicability of Einstein general relativity for antiparticles.

But general relativity was conceived decades before the discovery of antiparticles, has, no meaningful conjugation from particles to antiparticles and, in the event applied to antiparticles, GR is afflicted by a plethora of inconsistencies, such as the impossibility for particle-antiparticle to annihilated, as a trivial consequence of the lack of conjugation.

Once this primitive political intent adopted by CERN in its entirety is identified clearly and admitted, the technical arguments on the impossibility for the alleged "antiprotons" at CERN to be true antiparticles becomes irrelevant.
Sincerely yours

Ruggero Maria Santilli

Santilli, R. M. "The Mystery of Detecting Antimatter Asteroids, Stars and Galaxies," Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Lie-admissible Treatment of Irreversible processes, Kathmandu University, Nepal, pages 25-36 (2011)


The politics at CERN on quarks as physical particles

I am glad to upload the following exchange on the impossibility for quarks to be physical particles and the Einsteinian aim of the underlying scam.

Luca Petronio
Editor according to Wikipedia rules.

Dr. Santilli,

How can you possibly not believe in quarks as being physical particles against the view of tens of thousands of colleagues? Can you provide some technical argument supporting your view? Thanks for your comments.
Yours, Truly
,p> Vvvv Dddd

Dear Dr. Dddd,

Thank you for your important question. I accept the standard model for the Mendeleev-type classification of particles into families. I also accept quarks for what they are technically, that is, purely mathematical regular irreducible representations of a purely mathematical internal symmetry SU(3) defined on a purely mathematical complex-valued unitary space. I finally accept the fact that said irreducible representations of the SU(3) symmetry are very important for the data elaboration of the standard model to achieve a consistent Mendeleev-type classification of particles.

By contrast, the assumption that quarks are the constituents of hadrons defined as physical particles in our spacetime is entirely political and studiously conceived by a scientific cartel to maintain the validity of Einstein special relativity in the structure of hadrons. You can see the intentional scheme by simply noting the insistence on the allegation that 'quarks have a point-like structure" because that is exactly the feature needed to maintain Einstein.
,p> As recall vividly and documented in my Il Grande Grido,, S. Weinberg, S. Glashow, S. Coleman at Harvard and the member of their cartel controlling physics at the seven universities of the Boston area as well as elsewhere, started a coordinated action to launch the hyperbolic conjecture that the SU(3) regular irreps are physical constituents of hadrons.

I remember that, as part of their premeditated scheme, they used to invite Murray Gell-Mann, the originator of the SU(3) symmetry, to deliver talks at Harvard. At the end of the talk Gell-Mann was requested to state whether he believed in quarks as physical particles. Gell-Mann was initially elusive. In his final talk at Harvard some months later, Gell-Mann clearly expressed his disagreements in accepting a mathematical entity to be physical particles, and that was the end of Gell-Mann connection at Harvard as well as elsewhere.

In 1980 I prepared a preprint under the title "An intriguing legacy of Einstein, Fermi, Jordan and others: The possible invalidation of quark conjectures," made with my own money 200 copies and personally put them in the mail boxes of physicists at Harvard, MIT and some other local university. Rather than debating the technical arguments presented therein, i was "disqualified" evidently because i was opposing a scheme already orchestrated and approved by the highest authority of the Einstein cartel. The paper was published the following year by Foundations of Physics (see Ref. [a] below).

You can easily identify the member of the cartel responsible for this orchestrated scheme from their insistence that quarks are point-like. For instance, the "discovery of the top quarks" was announced by Leon Lederman at FERMILAB in the late 1970s with emphasis in its "point-like structure."

As an American scientist and taxpayer, I felt offended by this cheap politics in science because quarks cannot be directly detected to begin with. Hence. FERMILAB had detected physical particles in our spacetime that were predicted by the quark conjecture. The point is that the same prediction was admitted by other models since the discovery was for new elements of a Mendeleev family of particles, and not due to the structure of individual particles.

Some of the additional evidence prohibiting quarks from being physical particles in our spacetime can be summarized as follows:

1. l have recalled and repeated over decades that there exist no point-like wavepackets in nature. The political character of Lederman's announcement of the "discovery of point-like top quarks" is then transparent because, even assuming that the hypothetical quarks have hypothetical fractional point-like charges, they have wavepackets of the dimension of the entire hadron (about one Fermi) resulting in conditions of mutual wave overlapping under which the insistence in the point-like character of quarks is purely p[political.

2. Quarks cannot be technically defined in our spacetime because their features violate the central pillar of spacetime, the Poincare' symmetry. Therefore, believing that quarks are physical particles is simply preposterous, not only for the originator of the scheme but also for their associates and servants. When dealing with quarks, physicists forget that the definition of a "particle in our spacetime:" is that via an irreducible unitary representation of the Poincare' symmetry. Accepting quarks as physical particles without any connection whatsoever to the Poincare' symmetry would require changing the foundations of particle physics.

3. Since hypothetical quarks cannot be produced free even under the extremely high energy available at CERN, then Weinberg & Co came out with a second conjecture to cover up a preceding untenable conjecture, namely, "quarks are permanently confined inside hadrons." This was and remains a political scheme to this day because any serious physicist can prove that all models of the so-called "quark confinement" admit indeed a finite probability of tunnel effects of free quarks evidently in view of the uncertainty principle. In other words, any serious physicist who accepts quarks as physical particle, must modify quantum ,mechanics in such a way to suppress the tunnel effect for all particles. In the absence of such a modification., physicists become mere accomplice of the scheme.

4. Even assuming that the hypothetical quarks exists, even assuming that they are confined and even assuming that they have a hypothetical charge structure, Einstein special relativity remains inapplicable for the structure of hadrons because they are constituted by the total mutual overlapping of the wavepackets of the constituents, thus resulting in nonlocal, nonlinear and non-hamiltonian internal effect under which my claim of the validity of special; relativity is "blasphemy" as correctly stated by Pamela Fleming in the "Anti-Veneziano denunciation.

5. I consider quantum mechanics exactly valid for the Hydrogen atom because it represented "all" experimental data in an exact way. I cannot accept quarks as being physical particles because such an assumption has been unable to represent basic data such as spin, anomalous magnetic moments, etc.

Note the chain of conjectures proffered by the Einstein cartel under the abuse of billions of dollars of taxpayers money, each conjecture being proffered in support of a preceding conjecture known to be impossible in the physical reality. First, quarks are proffered to be point-like but, since point-like particles do not exist in nature, quarks are proffered to be physical particles in our spacetime; but since they are not detectable under the highest possible energies, quarks are proffered to be permanently confined; but confinement models all admit a finite probability of tunnel effects for free quarks in dramatic disagreement with evidence, the chain of conjecture continues all for one single, specific and premeditated aim: maintain Einstein special relativity for the structure of hadrons.

Once the scheme becomes transparent, an organized collective of members of the Einstein cartel abuse their abusively obtained academic authority disqualify scientists presenting opposing technical evidence. For instance, as justly remembered by Pamela Fleming in the Veneziano denunciation, Lederman wrote to the U. S. senator Bilirakis inquiring about irregularities at FERMILAB and at the APS, that "Dr. santilli does not understand particle physics."

Independently from the above technical evidence, I cannot possibly accept that, during the synthesis of the neutron from a Hydrogen atom inside a star, the permanently stable proton and electron "disappear" from our universe to be rep[laced by the hypothetical quarks and, then, fifteen minutes later the proton and the electron "reappear" in our universe (see Ref. [b] below for technical details).

This type of physics is god for magicians to entertain people from a stage, but not for serious research under large public funds. I do not thing additional evidence is worth my time because the complicity and loyalty among members of the organized cartel on Einstein currently controlling CERN dwarf by comparison those among members of ordinary organized crime. Regards Ruggero Maria Santilli


[a] R. M. Santilli, "An intriguing legacy of Einstein, Fermi, Jordan and others: The possible invalidation of quark conjectures," Found. Phys. Vol. 11, 384-472 (1981)

[b] J. V. Kadeisvili, ''The Rutherford-Santilli Neutron,"


The politics at CERN on neutrino conjectures

Mister Santilli, stop your nonsense. How can you dare not to accept the existence of neutrinos as physical particles

Prof. ZuZuZu Spammy
University of Qqq

Dear Professor Spammy,

Because I cannot. I look at physical evdience and leave the BlaBlaBla to others.

I. Inconsistency of quantum mechanics for the neutron synthesis
Via the historical conjecture of the neutrino in the synthesis of the neutron prom a proton and an electron inside stars

(16)     p+ + e- → n + ν,

Pauli and Fermi did salvage temporarily the conservation of the angular momentum, but they did not salvage quantum mechanics because the rest energy of the neutron is 0.782 MeV bigger than the sum of the rest energies of the proton and of the electron,\

(17a)     Ep = 938.272 MeV, Ee = 0.511 MeV, En = 939.565 MeV, Ev = ?

(17b)     En - (Ep + Ee) = 0.782 MeV

under which conditions you are expected to know that the Schroedinger equation becomes physically inconsistent.

In fact, the sole consistent quantum mechanical bound states are those with a "negative binding energy" resulting in the well known "mass defect" at the foundation of nuclear energies. For synthesis (15)-(18), we would need a "positive binding energy" resulting in a 'mass excess" which is nonscientific nonsense.

The exercise for a first year graduate students you have not yet done is that of attempting a solution of the Schroedinger equation with a "positive binding energy" as necessary to represent the "mass excess." Then, you will see that quantum mechanics makes no sense any more because it was not conceived for that.

The missing energy cannot be delivered by the relative kinetic energy of proton and the electron because, at that energy, their scattering cross section is essentially null, thus prohibiting any credible synthesis.

Political scientists then jump at the conjecture that the missing energy is provided by the interior of the star for the evident intent of salvaging old knowledge without any interest in a real solution of the problem.

However, prior to the initiation of producing light, stars synthesize 10^50 or so neutrons per seconds. Therefore, in the event the missing energy originated from its "interior, stars would never initiate producing light because thy would "lose" - rather than produce" - 10^50 MeV "per second."

Independently from these technical difficulties, I always had uneasiness in accepting the idea that an incredible number of neutrino could traverse entire planets and stars without any appreciable scattering despite their having (at that time) no mass, and there were additional problems in in the early study of neutrinos.

The scientific truth is that the neutrino is one of the biggest mysteries of contemporary physics requiring our honest statement "we do not know," any claim certain knowledge being scientific corruption.

I spent decades of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research on the fundamental synthesis of the neutron from a proton and an electron, see the review
J. V. Kadeisvili, ''The Rutherford-Santilli Neutron,"
and proposed CERN physicists to repeat the basic test on the laboratory synthesis of the neutron because directly related to the neutrino conjecture, besides costing an extremely minute fraction of the trillion dollar cost of preferred experiments there.

Rather than receiving any serious scientific process, I was "disqualified" by C ERN physicists in return because "all" studies on the synthesis of the neutron require the abandonment of Einstein special relativity in favor of covering theories, thus being strongly opposed by organized interests on Einstein at CERN via the blatant abuse of their authority, as stated by Flaming, "without any sense of dignity or shame.".

II. The etherino hypothesis
The placing by Fermi of the neutrino conjecture in the right hand side of reaction (16) is based on the tacit assumption that the neutron synthesis "releases" energy.
,p> However, the synthesis of the neutron "requires" (rather then "releasing) 0.782 MeB energy without any consideration whatsoever to the "additional" energy needed for the hypothetical neutrino.

Therefore, a quantitative interpretation of the neutron synthesis requires the presence of an "entity" in the left hand side, rather than the right hand side of the reaction. The possibility of placing an anti-neutrino in the left

(18)     p+ + ν-bar + e- → n,

would be nonscientific nonsense because the scattering cross section of antineutrino on protons and electron is null, thus preventing any scientifically meaningful use of the antineutrino conjecture.

Independently from that, the antineutrino conjecture is itself plagued by unresolved problems, such as the apparent identity and neutrinos and antineutrinos, in which case we have a plethora of inconsistencies and violations of physical laws not even worth mentioning.

In view of the above insufficiencies, in view of the indicated impossibility for the relative kinetic energy of the proton and the electron to supply the missing energy, in view of the impossibility for the star environment to supply the missing energy, and in view of my uneasiness to accept the idea that a very large number of particles can traverse entire planets and stars without appreciable collisions, in the 2007 paper

R. M. Santilli, "The etherino and/or the neutrino hypothesis," Foundation of Physics 37, 670 (2007).

I submitted the hypothesis that the missing energy, as well as other quantities are supplied to the neutron synthesis by space itself conceived as a universal substratum with extremely high energy density (from the very large value of the speed of light), through a neutral "longitudinal impulse" (rather than a particle) that I called etherino and denoted with the symbol "a" from the latin aether according to the reaction

(19)     p+ + a + e- → n,

The need for the etherino to be a "longitudinal" impulse requires no comments for experts in the field, due to the impossibility of the impulse to be transversal, that is, to be a photon.

My main 2007 argument was and remains the fact that, since the impulse supplying the missing energy and other quantities to the neutron propagates through space (rather than through matter), then indeed the etherino can traverse entire planets and stars without any appreciable collisions.

I should stress that, in view of the large value of the speed of "transversal" waves, longitudinal waves are predicted to propagate though the ether at very large multiple of the speed of light in vacuum.

Moreover, by recalling that the speed of transversal waves decreases during propagation within physical media, the speed of longitudinal waves is equally predicted to decrease when propagating within physical media, although, "expectedly," always remaining superluminal for technical reasons.

In short, the etherino hypothesis implies that the speed of the "entities" of neutrino experiments propagating underground from CERN to the GRAN SASSO laboratory in Italy is expected to be superluminal with respect to the local propagation of the speed of light.

Note that, since the speed of electromagnetic waves within physical media is C = c/n (please, do not thing at the politics of reducing to photons elm waves with one meter wavelength!), the speed of the etherino can be bigger than c/n, yet be smaller than c.

I stressed in the above paper the fact that, by no means, the etherino hypothesis is in conflict with existence data on the so-called "neutrino experiment," because the data can be well interpreted via the etherino hypothesis without the inconsistencies of the neutrino conjecture.

As a matter of fact, "neutrino experiments" could result in due time as having detected for the first time in history the existence in nature of longitudinal waves propagating through the ether.

In the event a person believes that the etherino hypothesis can be subjected to a due scientific process nowadays at CERN, prior to any serious corrective measure, that person is afflicted by delirium due to the current Mussolini-type conduction of research there solely for hyperbolic conjectures suitable to maintain Einstein theories under conditions unthinkable during Einstein times.
,p> But everybody knows that, as predictable, Mussolini's dictatorship was short lived and entered in the dark side of history.

III. The preposterous explosions of neutrino hyperbolas from the standard model
The hypothesis of one single neutrino and its antineutrino survived for a long time, specifically, due to the credibility of its creators, Pauli and Fermi.

The postures advocated in the early 1980 by the "employees" of Harvard University (in Fleming's language) Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow and Sidney Coleman and their cartel around the world destroyed the original credibility because of truly excessive and transparent political machinations.

In fact, in an attempt to maintain the validity of the SU(3)-color model for the "structure" of particles, the original Pauli-Fermi conception of one neutrino was first extended to three different neutrinos (the electron, mu and tau neutrinos) and their three antiparticles.

The destruction of the original credibility was due to the fact that, being very serious scientists, Pauli and Fermi motivated their conjectures with all sort of physical and quantitative arguments. By contrast, the organized cartel by Weinberg et al provided no argument whatsoever on the physical differentiations between these six new neutrinos.

The new neutrinos were simply imposed to the physics community by an organized cartel essentially operating Mussolini style. But, as it happened to Mussolini, this type of conduct does not resist the test of time/.

Then,for the evident intent of the maintaining the standard model also for the structural problem, the same organized cartel required the imposed to the scientific community the acceptance of the additional conjecture that neutrinos have mass.

Then, the same organized cartel required the acceptance of the additional conjecture that the neutrino "oscillate" (change from one type to another}; and then there were additional hyperbolas i see no point in even indicating here.

I used the word "required" acceptance of the new hyperbolic conjectures because dissident physicists were instantly "disqualified" by the organized cartel and their job terminated, as it has been the case for some many valuable physicists.

I already had problems in accepting that massless neutrinos could traverse in large numbers entire planets and stars without any appreciable collision. When neutrinos were proffered as having masses, I am sorry, but I considered simply preposterous the idea that enormous numbers of massive particles could traverse in entire planets and stars without any appreciable collision.

This type of extremely implausible hyperbolas signal the transition from serious science to pure political aims that I will never accept and leave to politicians to accept.

IV. The incredible manipulations in superluminal neutrinos.
As it is well known, in 2011, CERN and the Italian laboratory GRAN SASSO released a joint announcement indicating the detection of neutrinos that traveled at superluminal speeds in their travel (underground) from CERN to the GRABN SASSO laboratories. see, for instance, the announcement

The discovery was then verified and a confirmation of superluminal speeds was announced in numerous News Releases , such as

A group of 180 (one hundred and eight) experimentalists headed by A. Ereditato wrote a formal CXERN preprint on the detection of superluminal speeds entitled
Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam
which is available from the link
The above preprint was submitted to the Journal of High Energy Physics on November 17, 2011 under the corresponding author Dario Autieri from CERN with email

the paper by A. Ereditato was rejected by the Journal of High Energy Physics without any credible motivations because the measurements done by 180 experimentalists at two laboratories, and confirmed a second d time, were not" inspected at all by the editors.

Instead a rebuttal paper claiming no superluminal speed was reviewed and published almost instantly by the Physical Review Letters on August 15, 2012, authored by a much smaller group of experimentalists headed by N. Yu (PRL v.109, 070801(2012) entitled
Measurement of the Velocity of Neutrinos from the CNGS Beam with the Large Volume Detector available from the link
and available from the download

V. The politics at CERN on neutrinos
I was extremely distressed by this episode because, according to all scientific rules, the original paper by Ereditato wt al,m being an " experimental" and confirmed paper,should have been first published and the rebuttal be published thereafter.

Moreover, the authors of the rebuttal conducted no measurements at all. As one can verify by comparing the two papers, the authors merely rearranged the results by Ereditato et al in such a way to achieve subluminal speeds.

But then, to understand really the condition of the highest levels of the U. S. physics under a river of public funds without any serious control whatsoever, note that a first year graduate student in physics can easily rearrange the data of the PRL rebuttal and show a violation of Einstein special relativity bigger than that measured and confirmed by Ereditato et al.

If this is not a control of basic human knowledge by the organized cartel on Einstein., what else could it be? Who else did benefit most in billions of dollars of research funds?

This episode and so many other illustrates the reason of my statement that We are living during the biggest scientific obscurantism in the history of mankind organized and perpetrated b y organized interests on Einstein, which obscurantism dwarfs by comparison that during Galileo time.

Ruggero Maria Santilli

Mister Spammy,

Following the outrageous misconduct at CERN and elsewhere in the handling of measurements on superluminal neutrinos, their confirmation by so many experimentalists and the sole publication of a clearly orchestrated rebuttal without any measurement at all by the most corrupt journal in physics, the PRL, our Committee ordered (and paid) a specialized Investigative Agency to peek into the scheme and this was their report:

the cern announcement in late 2011 of the violation of einstein theories by confirmed superluminal neutrinos alarmed the world wide jewish community | fanatic zionists from various countries under the heading of the zionist g. veneziano at cern went all the way to contact the controlling powers of the federal reserve, such as the rothschild interests in england, the khan interests in france, etc. | a decision was reached at the highest levels of jewish power to reacquire control of cern operations | the turn over from superluminal to subluminal neutrinos was the mere outcome of the jewish control at cern | the rejection of the paper on superluminal neutrinos and the rapid publication of the paper on subluminal neutrinos by the prl was p[art of the organized scam | cern directors and other physicists remains under threats in the event of denunciations of the organized crime.

Luca Petronio
Editor according to Wikipedia rules.
Secretary of the
International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability


The politics at CERN on the Higgs conjecture

I am glad to upload the following exchange on the impossibility for the Higgs boson to be a physical particle.

Luca Petronio
Editor according to Wikipedia rules.

Mr. Santilli, by rejecting the existence of the Higgs boson following its Nobel Prize, you qualify yourself as a crackpot.

Prof. Zzzz Cracracra
Department of Physics
University of California at Qqqq

Mister Cracracra, there is no need to disturb Prof. Santilli for this. All the evidence for the impossibility of the Higgs to be real is presented and documented in my denunciation, such as the vast "experimental" evidence for SR to make no sense within physical media of low density, let alone the hyper dense media in the scattering region. Claims for the Higgs to exist under the violation of SR are puking blasphemy.

Your evident intent is that to cover up the scientific crime perpetrated by the fanatic Zionist G. Veneziano at CERN and his evil cartel (of which you may be a member) by preventing, disrupting and disqualifying due process on said experimental evidence.

In this way, G. Veneziano and his amoral and asocial cartel are directly responsible for the waste of trillions of dollars of public funds just to serve unethical sectarian interests, let alone create a scientific obscurantism that will ;last for centuries.

Basing the existence of the Higgs on its the Nobel prize is really sick since everybody knows the control of the Nobel Committee in Physics by the organized scientific crime on Einstein.

I reserve to present elsewhere a documentation of the unethical conduct of the Nobel Committee in Physics for backing up such a notorious organized scientific crime. The following link is sufficient for serious scholars
Denunciations of the Nobel Committee for Physics

Pamela Fleming
Executive Vice President
The Institute for Basic Research


Miscellaneous denunciations of the CERN employee G. Veneziano

June 3, 2014

Dear All those reading this message:

Even though I am not in a particle physicist, I endorse the viewpoints of Pamela Fleming. Scientific misconduct against Prof. R. M. Santilli is driven by capitalism and Wall Street culture. No scientist can earn grants to perform research unless he/she caters to the viewpoints of potential reviewers. Even Nobel Prizes are driven by media coverage by respective countries. Recent malfeasance by two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling is worth examining. The story parallels that of the Double Nobel winner Linus Pauling who never accepted the findings of Daniel Shechtman who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of quasicrystals, a mosaic-like chemical structure that researchers previously thought was impossible. His keynote paper was rejected, but finally published to uproar in the scientific world. With similar biases present amongst so-called leaders, it is difficult to adjudicate the real value of research to avoid humiliation to a ‘small fish in a pond,” giving breathing space for them to not only survive, but also thrive in our profession. Current procedures to assure quality and fairness seem to discourage scientific advancement, especially important innovations, because findings that conflict with current beliefs are often judged to have defects. The leadership resides with the broad readership of the journals, not with experts who are reluctant to appreciate the alternative paradigms being proposed. Somehow, the “customer” should be involved in decision making before taking big decisions of multi-billion dollar projects.

Only then science will offer spiritual powers to the mind of creative and innovative scientists. Otherwise, science will be religion dictated by unscientific mullahs holding giga grants to perform research in the name of advancement of science and technology while they cannot even advance their own spiritual powers.

Vijay K. Arora
Distinguished Visiting Professor
UTM Ambassador for Globalization
IEEE-EDS Distinguished Lecturer


Dear Dr. Fleming,

Thank you for your open denunciation on the ongoing obscurantism at CERN in antimatter. I agree fully with the main points, which are those by Prof. Santilli as well known. I consider it simply preposterous that the biggest particle physics laboratory in the world supports without due scientific process theories of "antiparticles" basically dependent on Einstein general relativity that was solely conceived for the classical treatment of gravitation, namely, a force essentially ignorable at the particle level. It is unfortunate for science that G. Vanaziano and his associates at CERN have so strongly opposed Prof. Santilli's studies by therefore being "sealed in the dark side of scientific history."
Best wishes
,p> Prof. Cccc Eeee


Dear Professors Arora and Eeee,
Your words of support for serious science are appreciated.
Luca Petronio
Editor of the Anti-Veneziano Blog


May 3, 2014
Vioa email

Dear Drs. Heuer, Bertolucci, and Mapelli,

This is to make sure you have been informed of the open letter from our Institute and the ongoing comments daily added therein.
Yours, Truly

Ruggero Maria Santilli


June 2 to 6, 2014

Dr. Fleming,
Compliments for the much overdue request for CERN to terminate G. Veneziano. He is a most sectarian, fanatic and arrogant individual with no capability to perform any scientific function. It is disgraceful and unethical for CERN to keep him under public payroll, although everybody knows that Veneziano is employed at CERN in representation of a much broader evil cartel.
Yours Truly

Zzzz Wwww Moscow, Russia

\ ----------------------------------

Thank you for exposing the true color of Mr.Veneziano at CERN. He is a [names removed by the editor], a truly evil person. I shall send you separately a documentation of what this man perpetrated against me and my group.
Sincere regards
Bbbb Cccc Rome, Italy


Dear Dr. Fleming as spokesperson of Prof. Santilli

I want to thank you for your denunciation of CERN obscurantism, and particularly the denunciation of Mr. Veneziano because his conduct symbolize the scientific miasma that has been going on at CERN for too long without any control. I regret to say that we, American physicists, are primarily responsible for this condition of science because everybody knows the control by Weinberg and his ring of CERN, the Nobel Foundation, etc. What a dishonest conception of life: abusing control and credibility of their institutions solely to serve self-interest's and giving betrayals in return to the hosting societies.
Wishing you the best

Dddd Eeee, Washington,m DC, U.S.A.


Dear Colleagues,
thanks for your comments that I have uploaded without your name as requested. Luca Petronio
Editor of the Anti-Veneziano Blog


Denunciation of the employee G. Veneziano from Israel

Dear Editor

I spoke with Dr. Santilli, as to Dr. Venziano, and this is sent as a confidential remark to be forwarded to Dr. Santilli.

FTR, I met Dr. Venziano, in one of the Rencontres Du Moriond meetings, finding him to be pleasant, but extremely closed minded. My impression as to several technical issues I discussed with him,tthat Dr. Venziano wanted a nobel prize when younger, and that, by failing that ambition, has become enamored as to the status quo. I.e. in the spirit it is intended in, Dr. Venziano was a pure critic of other ideas not in physics orthodoxy, and is incapable of independent scientific advances on his own, in this stage of his career.

I do not know the details of Dr. Venziano's interaction with Dr. Santilli, but based upon my interaction with him, can well believe, that Venziano has little interest in novel ideas, and reacted to Dr. Santilli out of a desire to deny Dr. Santilli research backing and resources.

It reminds me of the Greek fable of the fox, failing to get grapes, whom then declared since he could not get the grapes, that the grapes must be sour.

A sad commentary on research sterility, and I hope it is not duplicated elsewhere in CERN

Yours, Truly

Zzzzz Aaaaaaaaa,

Dear Prof. Aaaaaa


I am pleased to upload the above message in its entirety because CERN employee G. Veneziano is a notorious fanatic Zionist, an ethnic identification we avoided in the denunciation. Therefore, dissident voices of brothers from Israel, such as the above one and others we have received but we have not been authorized to upload, are very important for Jewish scientists at large, since they confirm that the organized scientific crime on Einstein is controlled by a small Jewish minority, the biggest number of Jewish scientists being clean and decent.

Luca Petronio
Editor according to Wikipedia rules


Jewish Origination of Justified Anti-Semitism

The terms "Justified Anti-Semitism" are nowadays referred to a doctrine adopted by over one billion people in all continents dealing with strictly non-violent criticism of clear misconduct by a minority of Jews with the clear understanding that the majority of Jews is composed by decent, law abiding persons.
,p> Luca petronio
editor according to Wikipedia rules

Santilli, Petronio, Fleming & Co.

You are dirty anti_Semitic guys because all people you attack in the blog are Jews.

signed: Jonathan Katz ??
Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Katz,

We avoided so far any ethnic identification in the blog, but since we are accused of anti-Semitism, we are reluctantly forces to identify the Jewish origin of the serious problems addressed by this blog with the expected misuse of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to serve clearly unethical and asocial Jewish interests.

You and your fanatic collective have accused us in the past of anti-Semitism for non-violent criticism of clear and documented scientific misconducts and dishonesty by a few Jews, after we clarified that we are dealing with a minority of Jews.

Due to your fanatic conduct, we have stressed in other blogs and I do it again here that throwing anti-Semitism for non-violent, fully justified criticism of misconduct by Jews is a clear consideration of the Jewish community as a sect above the laws, an action originating from a mind educated since childhood to a Nazi-type supremacy of the Jewish race over the rest of the people called "gentiles" and meaning "inferior": in Hebrew.

Your fanatic conduct renders necessary to recall what has been suppressed by Jews for a century, yet proved by many documents in early 20th century, that the butcher Hitler "copied" the supremacy of the Arian race from the supremacy of the Jewish race proffered in the Torah and conceived his Nazi party accordingly.

William Cox
International Committee Scientific Ethics and Accountability

Mister Katz!

You are coming on again by accusing Prof. Santilli of anti-Semitism! You are very sick and in great need of medical help.

Your fanaticism for Jews consider as a superior sect is transparent like water. You know that Emilio Segre' was a Jew. Yet you ignore the very respectful way Professor Santilli treated him in his statement reproduced in this blog, yet you accuse Professor Santilli of anti-Semitism because he attacked the Zionist Veneziano, Lederman, Weinberg, Glashow, Coleman et al. for what others have justly called "scientific gangsterism."

So the difference in treating with respect Jewish physicists deserving respect and treating with the tip of the toe dishonest Jews means nothing to you. Because all Jews must be respected no matter how dirty their action? You are a sick man.

Also, you are an anti-Semitic Jew because you cause serious damage to the Jewish community. You are clearly a descendant of Zionist ancestors who caused the persecutions in the past suffered by so many innocent Jews because of their arrogant abuse of gained controls.

I must also accuse you and the other fanatics of your collective of exploiting the blood of millions of innocent Jews who paid the price for their fanatic Zionist leaders in early 20th century (come on, stop thinking everybody is stupid: nobody persecutes people unless there are reasons!). Everybody knows that the effectiveness the accusation of anti-Semitism is based on such an innocent blood.

It is time you and the fanatic members of y cartel to understand once and for all that, when abused, the claim of anti-Semitism is per se highly anti-Semitic, particularly for a person, such as Professor Santilli, whose family is on record in the Italian central Apennines to have saved the lives of Jews escaping nazis, Professor Santilli being the little boy delivering food in their hide.

What a reward Professor Santilli received in return from the fanatic Zionists Veneziano, Lederman, Weinberg, Glashow, Coleman et al ! No wonder they are indeed highly anti-Semitic due to the evident damage they have caused to the Jewish community.

These Zionists and their capillary world wide organization reached the vulgar extreme in past decades 0- which remains in full effect today, see - of orchestrating rejections of highly technical papers by Professor Santilli on written grounds in the referee reports: "This paper should not be reviewed because Santilli is anti-Semitic."

The referees are evident anonymous Jews, but the editors of primary journals who accepted such a filthy conduct of due process are known and the entire documentation is in safe hands in Europe - Professor santilli keeps nothing in his house, office and computer for his own safety - by the Chairman of our Ethics Committee to seal the scientific infamy in history.

That';s what you are.

Luca Petronio


Anti-Veneziano comments in the Italian internet
Comments translated from their Italian version

1) "Great !!!!! Veneziano made other dirty tricks in another research field (string theory)...."
Author: Italian Astrophysicist. Source:
Facebook, June 16, 2014.

2) "The mainstream physics is not completely correct. There are alternative theories which deserve a better attention from the Scientific Community."
Author: Italian Theoretical Physicist.
Source: Facebook, June 16, 2014.

3) "Here Veneziano is accused based on his fanaticism about Einstein".
Author: Italian Astrophysicist.
Source: Facebook, June 16, 2014.

4) "Finding the Higgs boson with LHC has been a "politic scheme"
Author and source via email

5) "Following years I have passed at CERN, I can testify that everything done recently at CERN has been the outcome of orchestrated crimes by the Zionist mafia in control there, including:

The crime in superluminal neutrinos (the paper by Ereditato and about 50 other experimentalists should have been allowed to be published first - rather than suppressed - and the clear scam of "rebuttal" - which was instantly published at PRL without any new experimental data, just manipulating ad hoc Ereditato date of super luminosity - should have been published later);

The crime on the Higgs (insiders there have disclosed that there is no real evidence whatsoever even for a phantomatic "Higgs-like" boson - what is that for Od's sake ?? -, the few claimed events have been hand picked by the Zionists c controlling CERN according to a pre-conceived plan executed all the way to the control of the Nobel Foundation for the 2013 Nobel in physics);

The crime on the gravity of antimatter (CERN insiders have eyewitnesses the main points of the "Denunciation", namely, the fact that the Zionists in control at CERN rejected Santilli's resolutory test for the gravity of positrons in favor of a Methusalem test of gravity of antimatter that has already been pre-set to deny antigravity in the event intent to maintain the dominance of Einsteinian doctrines and every step in the construction and testing is controlled by the Zionists to achieve that pre-set goal; as it was the case for the other crimes); etc.

It is simply astonishing that the CERN directorate, including Drs. Heuer, Bertolucci, and Mapelli, have elected to be "servant" (in Pamela's language) of so many and so clear criminal acts against sciences "without any sense of dignity or shame." I left CERN precisely to keep my own dignity and avoid a clear sense of shame for being a servant of clearly immoral Zionists.

In fact, no correction of these too many crimes at CERN has been publicly announced, such as inviting Santilli, the only real expert in antimatter, for lectures to the arrogant ignorants there in antimatter, and so the crimes continue in an unperturbed way.

Then, I believe it is time to start cutting out the funds to CERN Zionists since no internal correction is possible under the current total grip of Zionists in control."

Author and message via email.


Request to CERN Directorate for disclosure under U. S. Funding

July 1, 2014

Request for disclose under U. S. funding
to Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer, CERN Director-General,
with copies to
Dr. Sergio Heriberto, CERN Director for Research and Computing,
Dr. Livia Impelling, CERN Head of Physics Department,
and to scientists the world over, the request being uploaded in the website

Dear Dr. Rolf-Dieter Hewer, CERN Director-General

I respectfully request under regulations governing U. S. funding that you disclose whether you have reached any decision following the report with particular reference to:

1. Whether you have initiated any due consideration of Prof. Santilli comparative measurement of the gravity of electrons and positrons in horizontal flight in a supervacuum and supercooled tube, Ref. [4], since it is resolutory compared to notorious ambiguities of the currently ongoing test of the gravity of the alleged "anti-Hydrogen atom;"

2. Whether you have initiated due scientific process in confirming or dismissing the mounting evidence that the claimed "antiprotons" at your laboratory do not appear to be true antiparticles (see excerpts below), by inviting the participation of Prof. Santilli in the theoretical analysis, or providing evidence that other preferred physicists have expertise at least minimally comparable to the ,mathematical, theoretical and experimental experience by Prof. Santilli in antimatter;

3, Whether you have initiated any Ethical Proceeding against your employees G. Veneziano due to its documented misconduct and blatant scientific corruption in suppressing vast experimental evidence on the impossibility for Einstein special relativity and relativistic quantum mechanics to be exactly valid within the hyperdense scattering regions under which claims on the existence of the Higgs are blasphemy, thus resulting in the alleged waste of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, let alone a scientific obscurantism created at CERN that may last for centuries.

Please note that your continued silence may only multiply the chorus of complaints against CERN we have received from scientists the world over, and particularly from U. S. taxpayers, only part of which complaints has been reproduced in the link above, with inevitable dangerous ethnic overtones you can see below that, in my view, should be defused.

The only way to initiate a defusing of the unreassuring condition at CERN, and pass to a more responsible, democratic and scientific use of large public funds at CERN, is that of "disclosing" the initiation of corrective measures under which you can count on the utmost possible collaboration and respect by our Foundation as well as by many.

Yours, Truly

-- Richard Anderson
The R. M. Santilli Foundation

Dear Prof. Lllll,

Thank you, thank you for your so important message. Your testimonial illustrates the real condition of physics and the use of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money for physics research in the Unites States of America under full tolerance and, therefore, potential complicity by the Federal Government.

You should know that Prof. Santilli is continuously watched; he always wears CIA-type surveillance micro gadgets; and he is often followed at a distance by armed bodyguards particularly when he is traveling abroad. I am sure you agree that, under the circumstances, we cannot trust the U. S. State Department for the protection of Prof., Santilli when he is traveling abroad!
Please be assured that we have eradicated from all our computers and all out records any trace whatsoever of your name and your email.

May God bless you and your family

Luca Petronio
International Committee on scientific Ethics and accountability


Life threats to Prof. Santilli by fanatic Jews.

First life threat dated February 10, 1989, The Prescott House, Harvard Grounds, MA

Dear Ms. Fleming,

In reading your courageous denunciation of the incredible scientific crime perpetrated by the Zionist G. Veneziano and his sect under assured backing by the CERN Directorate, I felt obliged to report under the strict anonymity of my name nationality and location that I have eye witnessed life threats by fanatic Jews against Prof. Santilli late one night of February (I believe 02-10), 1989 when he was working at his office at the Institute for Basic Research, the Prescott House, Harvard Grounds, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The IBR office at the left of the Prescott House could be accessed from the courtyard in the left as well as from the left door in the main entrance at5 the center. At night, the courtyard was closed for safety and the sole access to the IBR office was that from the left door in the main entrance. The remaining part in the right hand side of the ground floor was used for offices, and the rooms upstair were used as sleeping accommodations of scientists visiting the IBR.
The indicated evening I had an appointment with Prof. Santilli to review certain calculations for a joint paper we never finished and he was waiting for me, but I was late for my dinner and other chores. When I entered in the entrance hall in the main floor at 10.23 p.m., I heard through the closed door high pitch altercation in the IBR office with Prof. Santilli voice clearly altered and those of two other persons with the unmistakable Israeli accent.
,p> At one point, I heard clearly one of the two Israelis yelling to Prof. Santilli: Unless you stop your work against Einstein we will kill you.

After that, there was a total silence for a minute or so. i sensed that the altercation was over, and started claiming the stairs leading to the second floor for my safety. At that point I saw the door of the IBR office being opened and the two individuals coming out of it evidently to leave through the main glass door.

Figure 5: A view of the Prescott House within the compound of harvard University located at 96 Prescott Street, Cambridge MA that housed the Institute for basic research from 1981 to 1989. Note the courtyard in the left and the central glass entrance. the main IBR office was located in the left half of the ground floor. The remaining right hand side of the ground floor was devoted to additional offices and the top floor have sleeping accommodations for scientists visiting the IBR.

While I was continuing to climb the stairs for my safety, I turned my head and saw from their back two individuals wearing the Jewish hat, thus confirming their Jewish accent. I distinctly saw from the illumination of the entrance hall that they were tall and strong, thus certainly they were not physicists.

After the two Israelis left the hall, I did sit in the stairs for quite some time, I went out looking around in the event the two Jews were still around and, when I was sure they had gone, I went to the IBR office to find Prof. Santilli simply devastated by the threats. I hugged him and tried to ask; "Who were these two guys?" and he answered with a voice broken by fear: "They are agents of the Israeli Masada called by the local Jews to do dirty tricks." I personally drove Prof. Santilli to his house because clearly he was not in a condition to drive.

Three months later, the Santilli family purchased two houses in Florida and left Massachusetts never to return.

It should be known that the Santillis literally abandoned the Prescott House, a property they owned and that was already worth millions of dollars in 1989 due to its location inside the compound of Harvard University. Anybody in good faith should admit that for a family to abandon a property worth millions of dollars, something very very out of the ordinary occurred.

I was an eyewitness of what happened that night of February 1989. I have left my sworn and notarized testimonial with my European attorney (I am not a U.S. citizen) for public release in the event anything happens to Prof. Santilli and/or to his family.

In faith

Name withheld to prevent the murder of the eyewitness.

The second life threat is dated February 23012, following the success of the
International Conference at San Marino expressed by phone to Prof. Santilli in the U.S.A.
, Prof. Gandzha in Ukraine and to other scientists.

The third life threat was expressed in writing by the destitute Jew Christian Corda from Italy
sent in copy to 42 (forty two) eyewitnesses.

The original threat can be downloaded from the link

Text of the threat

Mr. Santilli-Petronio, -
I ultimately suggest you that this must be the last time that you cite my wife. If I should receive another message by you or by your idiots servants citing her, I promise you that I will come in Palm Harbor or t will meet you in Milan in Next November in order to destroy your ass-hole independently on the issue that you are 81 years old. If you want to commit your suicide, proceed in this direction.
Christian Corda


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