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Giulietta Sprint Veloce 1957 # 4458, Engine # 1315,
Body and race preparation by Zagato (Giulietta SVZ)

One of eighteen ever produced
One of three identified to date
The only Giulietta SVZ Zagato Double Bubble

See in the 4th column of the first page Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato and the current owner in the first column

The Giulietta SVZ 4458 also qualified for the Targa Florio and other historical car events.

Views of Giugno's documentation of the SVZ # 4458, Ref. [1], page 145, and of its
first buyer, the Alfa Racer Sergio Cannara. Note the white original
color, the covered headlight, and the racing number 166.

A view of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 racing at the Targa Florio 1960
with the number 32 as documented by Giugno (see Reference [1] below).

A picture of the SVZ # 4458 while Hill Climbing in Naples,
Italy, circa 1962 (ref. [1]).

A picture of the lady owner of the SVZ # 4458 in an Italian city in the early 1960s (Giugno Archive).

The "Genealogical Tree" of the Giuliettas SVZ as documented by Giugno (Ref. [1] below),
page 5. The 1957 SVZ # 4458 is the fifth produced and the only one
with double bubble as listed on the third row.

Documented Races of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458

1) July 6, 1957; Race: Castel d'Acque - Venasca; Giulietta SV $ 4458 raced by Sergio Cannara prior to the Zagato re-bodying placing unknown;

2) May 24, 1959; Race: Castellarquato - Vernasca; SVZ $ 4458 raced by Sergio Cannara; 1-st place;

3) Giugne 30, 1959; Race: Predappio - Rocca delle Camminate; SVZ $ 4458 racxed by Sergio Cannara; 1-st place;

4) 4) July 26, 1959; Race: Trieste - Opicina; SVZ $ 4458 raced by Sergio Cannara; p[lacing unknown;

5) August 30, 1959, Race Corsa dei Colli Torinesi, SVZ # 4458 racxed by Cannara; 1-st place;

6) May 8, 1960; Race: Targa Florio; SVZ $ 4458 raced by Fernando Natella and Pietro Flordelisi; placing unknown;

7) July 3, 1960; Race: Targa Vesuvio; SVZ $ 4458 raced by Antonio Covino; 3-rd place;

8) August 28, 1960; Race: Selva Fasano; SVZ # 4458 raced by Antonio Covino; 1-st place;

9) August 15, 1961; Race: Pescara 4 hours; SVZ $ 4458 raced by Fernando Natella for the Scuderia Sette colli; 9-th place.


Views of the invited show of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 at the 2013 Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance.

The SVZ # 4458 at the Daytona Track, June, 2009

A view of Valentino Balboni (left), Head Lamborghini test Drover, and the owner (right)
after driving the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 at the Daytona Track, June 2009.

The SVZ # 4458 at the Sebring Track,m April, 2010

Views of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 during a track event at Sebring organized by the
Ferrari Club of America in April 2010. The top view shows Santilli preparing for a track
session; the middle view show the SVZ battling the much younger and more powerful
Ferrari at the track; and the bottom view shows the SVZ resting at a box of the
Sebring International Race Track next to Ferraris.

The SVZ # 4458 in its current conditions in the U.S.A. (December 2019).
Documentation of the restoration are available from the link

A view of the documented original covered headlights.

A view of all plexiglass windows.


A view of the engine of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 with the double Weber Carburetors
in its current restored conditions with 200 psi compression per cylinder. It appears that,
in racing, the original SVZ engines would reach 10,000 rpm.

A view of the original dials and the Nardi Race Wheel.

A view of the tachiometer (in Km) as of December 3, 2019.

A view of the reproduction done in Italy of the original interior, including color, vinyl and stitches.

A view (bottom) of the four Borranis solely used by the SVZ 4458 for concourses d'elegance because too heavy. For regular driving and rallies, the SVZ 4458 mounts the original light weight wheels (top).

A view of the jack and a reproduction made in Italy of the original tool kit.

A view of the various manuals of the SVZ 4458. Note the Italian emergency stop signals and the vinyl bag used in the 1950s in Italy for documents,>

A view of the undercarriage restoration of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458.

Views of the Giulietta SVZ # 6184 sold at the RM Auction in Monaco on May 12, 2012
at 414.400 euros. For details, please download the folder Giulietta SVZ # 6184

Brief History of the Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato (SVZ)

The Giuliettas ('Giuliette,' plural in Italian) SVZ date from 1956 to 1960 for a total umber of documented 16 cars. They were prepared by by Zagato following special orders by racers of the time who would purchased from Alfa Romeo a complete Giulietta Sprint Veloce (SV) and deliver it in running conditions to Zagato who would remove the original body, replace it with a very light aluminum body, and prepare for racing the mechanical parts, including engine, suspension and brakes (see Refs. [1-3]).

Because of these special features, Giuliettas SVZ did win all races of the period in their class and contributed greatly to the creation of the Zagato name and marque. These original SVZ are essentially all different among each other in various details since they were made by hand following special orders. In fact, the double bubble, covered headlights, and other features was essentially included on request by the customer.

Beginning from 1961, Alfa Romeo supplied to Zagato Giulietta rolling chassis, Zagato did not remove any more Alfa's body and this started the first series of Giulietta Sprint Zagato (SZ), that was followed later by a second series (see Refs. [4-7]).

The year 1956 saw the first SVZ # 1944 ordered without double bubble by Massimo Leto di Priolo, a known Italian nobleman and racer [1].

in 1957 Zagato produced three SVZ all with double bubble following orders by Egidio Gozza (# 1613), Carlo Mario Abate (# 2158), and Jean Pierre Schild (chassis unknown) [1].

In 1958-1959 Zagato produced six SVZ for: Pace (# 1849), Sergio Pedrettio (# 3907), Miro Tosselli (# 2289), Sergio Bettoia (# 2308), SCPAR Race Team Lugano (# 2348) and Sergio Cannara (# 4458). None of these SVZ had the double bubble except # 4458 [1].

In 10959-1960 Zagato produced six known additional SVZ # 4249, 4717, 6184, 4718 3249, and 4657. None of them had the double bubble [1]. It appears that Zagato did not stamp the body of the SVZ because their construction were isolated requests by racers. By contrast, Zagato did indeed stamp ID numbers in the body of the SZ because they were produced following the regular supply of frames by Alfa Romeo.

History of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458

The Giulietta Sprint Veloce # 4458 was purchased by the Italian racer Sergio Cannara on May 20, 1957, titled with plate number PR 36055, used for an initial race, and delivered to Zagato in late 1957 to replace the steel body with a lightweight aluminum body and perform other race preparations.

Since he was a tall man [1.8 meters height], Sergio Cannara requested the double bubble, otherwise he would not fit in the car. Hence, # 4458 is the last and only SVZ with the double bubble. Covered headlights are another documented feature of # 4458 because added also following Cannara's special order. Cannara used the SVZ # 4458 extensively in various races of the time [see the record above]. The Giulietta SVZ # 04458 was sold on February 6, 1960, to Clelia Rossi, a known lady racer of the time from Naples, who titled the car with plate number SA 38082, repainted the car in red, and used the car for various races including the 1960 Targa Florio, for which race the car was apparently fitted with a new engine with an overbuilt water pump that still exists in the current car permitting low engine temperature in normal driving.

A view of the overbuilt water pump apparently installed in conjunction with the 1960 Targa Florio.

The Giulietta SVZ # 4458 was then sold on July 7 ,1961 to Antonio Covino, titled with plate number NA 173748, and raced. In 1961 or 1962, # 4458 capsized during a race with damages still visible in the upper frame of the driver's door and, in view of the abused engine during the Targa Florio, # 4458 was "rottamata" (an Italian word indicating that the cart was placed on a junk yard).

Views of the damage on of the Giulietta the frame of the driver's door that was apparently caused by the capsizing of the Giulietta SVZ 4458 in that final race in 1961.

The Giulietta SVZ # 4458 was rediscovered in mid 1990s by Angelo Strada (an Italian gentleman and car collector) with a number of "race injuries," including evidence of capsizing, broken windows, lack of weber carburetors and other damages that were fixed in the restoration. In particular, Strada instructed the body shop to replace the original and lost rolling windows with the sliding windows that exist in the present car. The decision was taken on grounds that the aluminum doors were not sufficiently strong to sustain cranking windows. Strada also installed the proper Weber carburetors and took care of other details..

A view of the sliding windows requested by Angelo Strada to the restoration shop for the SVZ # 4458 in lieu of the original cranking windows.

A view of the Weber carburetors installed by Angelo Strada.

Utmost attention was devoted to the body restoration down to details such as: color, interior upholstery, carpets, stitches, etc. [including a rather thick under-roof padding since no helmet was used in the 1950s racing].

Following the completion of the restoration, Angelo Strada accepted the delivery of # 4458 in 1997 and kept it in his classic car collection without registration. The Giulietta SVZ # 4458 was purchased by Ruggero and Carla Santilli from Florida; imported in the USA in running conditions on September 8, 2007.

The owners of the SVZ # 4458 from October 8, 2007: (top view) Sir Ruggero Maria Santilli ( Biographical Notes, member of the Alfa Racing team of the Scuderia del Portello, and (bottom view) Carla Gandiglio Santilli, MSW, founder and former Directors of the U. S. publicly traded companies Magnegas Corporation and Thunder Energies Corporation, currently President of Hadronic Press.

An excellent restoration of the body and of the interior of the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 had been done in Italy. The Santillis did in the u.S.A a complete mechanical restoration thanks to servicess by Michael Besic from Illinois [who restored the racing head], Mark Dubovick from Florida [who restored the carburetors], Gene West and Melvin McCalister from Florida [who restored the undercarriage and did the final assembly and conducted final tests.

Soon following its arrival on September 8, 2007, Ruggero and Carla Santilli brougtht the SVZ # 4458 to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Tarpon Springs, Florida but, since the car entered the U.S.A. without a foreign registration, the registry of Motor Vehicles conducted an extensive search to ascertain whether there was any domestic or foreign record for a Giulietta SVZ # 4458, which search lasted for one month. The car was finally titled on 10/4/2007 having past the RMV requirements, including the absence of other registration for the SVZ # 4458.

In view of its first registration kn 1957, and its excellent racing record quoted above, the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 qualifies for all most important historic races or rallies, such as the Mille Miglia or the Targa Florio.

See the Documentation of originality and restoration for more details.

DISCLAIMER. According to the above quoted search by the Registry of Motor Vehicles of Tarpon Springs, Florida, the Giulietta SVZ # 4458 has no publicly available record from the early 1960s to the early 1990s. Consequently, no guarantee of originality can be provided.


The Santillis would like to thank Angelo Strada, from Milano, for his accuracy and honesty in presenting the Giulietta SVZ $ 4458, Giorgio Beghella-Bartoli, President of the Monza International Track, for invaluable assistance in the verification of originality and documentation of the SVZ # 4458, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles of Tarpon Springs, Florida, for their extensive search and verification for the U.S. Titling of the Giulietta SVZ $ 4458 due to the absence of any registration in Italy for decades. Additional thanks are due to Antonio Griffa and Giuseppe Novaira, of Torino, for search in the historical archives, and to Delmas Greene, Nino Montopoli, John Judy, Michael Rodriguez, Ray Jones and Jim Allen of Florida for technical assistance during the restoration.


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Gino Giugno's Archive on the Giul;ietta SVZ # 4458

Alfa Romeo, Fusi and French Archives on the Giulietta SVZ # 4458




Front page picture and article of SVZ # 4458 in Alfa Romeo (US), Augusr 2009

History and documentation of SVZ # 4458 in Alfa Giornale

Front page picture and article of SVZ # 4458 in Alfa Romeo (US), Augusr 2009

History and documentation of SVZ # 4458 in Alfa Giornale

Article on SVZ cars at Sport Car Market, August 2011

Documentation of the restoration of the SVZ # 4458:
Body restoration done in Italy in the mid 2000, and mechanical
restoration done in the USA in 2007-2008


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